AIM Mail Review

AIM mail
AOL Inc.

AIM Mail (AOL Mail on the web) shines as a free email service with unlimited online storage, very good spam protection and a rich, easy to use interface.

While AIM Mail lacks a bit in productivity (no labels, smart folders, and message threading), it makes up for some of that with IMAP (as well as POP) access and integrates chat as well as social networking services.

What We Liked

  • AIM Mail has stellar spam protection and solid security features.
  • A rich interface makes AIM Mail easy to use and integrates calendar, chat, and social networking.
  • AIM Mail offers unlimited online email storage space and POP or IMAP access.

What We Didn't Like

  • AIM Mail does not thread messages, offers no labels or smart folders and does not support encryption.
  • Email search could be more flexible and efficient in AIM Mail.
  • AIM Mail support can be tricky to reach, its help puzzling to search.


  • AIM Mail is a web-based email service offering unlimited online mail storage plus POP and IMAP access.
  • Using AOL spam filtering, AIM Mail rejects unwanted mail altogether or puts it in your "Spam" folder.
  • AIM Mail lets you compose emails using rich HTML formatting, chat and send SMS text messages.
  • AIM Mail can check the display and audibly announce new messages automatically and filter them into folders using rules.
  • Using WAP, POP, IMAP or Mobile AIM Mail software (available for certain carriers), you can use AIM Mail from mobile phones.
  • AIM Mail includes a fully featured address book and a browser-based AIM instant messaging client.
  • You can set up an auto-reply, notifying senders that and how long you are away.
  • AIM Mail includes a calendar and lets you turn emails into events or to-do items easily.
  • Blocking remote images and links in emails from unknown senders, AIM Mail protects your privacy and your computer's security.
  • AIM Mail Lifestream puts updates from many social networks right into AIM Mail and lets you post to these services, too.

Full Review

AIM is not just instant messaging. AIM is email as well, and it is very good at it. AIM Mail gets you unlimited online storage to keep all your messages and AOL My eAddress throws in a free domain name for good measure. AOL's sophisticated and very efficient spam filtering makes AIM Mail a smooth experience.

Built to look and work like a desktop application, AIM Mail is easy to use and offers a rich, though, unobtrusive interface (you can drag and drop messages to move them, for example), but it could be a bit snappier in places. Fittingly, AIM Mail includes an AIM client that lets you exchange instant messages right in your browser — and archive them to AIM Mail folders, too.

Searching mail for various criteria works nicely in AIM Mail, and you can flag messages for follow-up. Unfortunately, that's about all AIM Mail has to offer when it comes to helping you cope with the daily avalanche of email. You cannot set up labels or smart folders, and AIM Mail's filtering incoming mail is limited to filing mail.

In a welcome move, AIM Mail compensates for this lack of web-based power with very functional IMAP access, which provides seamless access to your AIM Mail account and all its folders from many email programs. If you prefer POP to download your mail, AIM Mail can do that, too.

Some compensation also comes from the nicely integrated calendar, which lets you create events and to-do items from emails fast. Of course, AIM Mail integrates with AIM instant messaging, too. An AIM panel shows you online contacts, and you can chat right in your browser as well as send SMS text messages.

All in all, in spite and partly because of its lack of organizing talent, AIM Mail is a very friendly, clean and usable email service.