AIM Mail and AOL Mail Email Attachment Size Limit

Send Your Large Image and Video Files

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Bigger, better and brag worthily beautiful, our images, videos, and documents grow in all respects. It's only natural that you want to share them with your friends and family. Sharing with AIM Mail and AOL Mail in emails is particularly easy—images can be sent inline and other files attached swiftly—but, alas, it only works for files up to a certain size.

AIM Mail and AOL Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits

With AIM Mail and AOL Mail on the web, you can send or receive messages and attachments over the internet up to 25 MB in total size. The size limit applies to the combined size of all the elements of the message including the text, headers, and all attached files.

How to Send Files Larger Than 25 MB

To send files that exceed the AIM Mail and AOL Mail 25 MB size limit, you can use a file-sending service. Although the services vary, in general, you upload your large files to a company server along with the email addresses of the individual(s) who should be notified the file is available for download. The service notifies each recipient. Most file-sending services offer premium fee-based packages and free, feature-limited uploads for smaller files. These services include:

  • TransferBigFiles for files up to 20 GB (30 MB free)
  • MailBigFile for files up to 20 GB (2 GB free)
  • DropSend for files up to 8 GB (4 GB free)
  • Send6 for files up to 2 GB (250 MB free)