AIM Chat Directory Guide

Some Tips on How to Use the AIM Chat Directory

AIM Chat has been removed from and previous versions of, but it's still available on AOL Desktop 9.6. AIM Chat users rely on the AIM Chat Directory, also known as AOL Chat Room Listings, to find their favorite free chat rooms. But did you know that the AIM Chat directory includes many other features in addition to being just a listing of available chat rooms? Learn more about the AIM Chat Directory with this guide to its gateway. 

How to Access the AIM Chat Directory

There's not a specific AIM Chat download, but users can continue using AIM Chat by downloading the Desktop 9.6 version of AOL. Simply sign into your AOL Desktop and navigate to the "Community" menu item. Select "Chat Room Listings" to continue. You can also use the AOL keyword "Chat Room Listings" for a full directory of AIM Chat rooms.

Anatomy of the AIM Chat Directory

Here's a summary of AIM chat room options and some guidance for getting started if you're a beginner.

  • There are 30 categories of chat rooms. Select a room that appeals to you by double-clicking on a category to view the rooms inside. You can create your own room, either public or private.
  • You can find out who is in a chat room without actually entering it by highlighting the room then clicking on “Who’s Chatting?” If you spot someone you think you might be interested in talking with, you can right-click on his name to read his “buddy info” and learn more about him. You can also send him an IM to talk privately outside the chat room. If you don’t like what you see when you look at his buddy info, you can click to ignore him when you enter the room. 
  • You’ll have a number of options for formatting your text in the provided text field after you’ve entered a chat room. You can make your text bold or italic, among other options. AIM offers emoticons, too. After you’ve written you message and you've adjusted it to your liking, just click “enter” to send it into the room. 
  • AIM chat rooms aren’t literally monitored post-by-post, but you can click the “Notify AOL” link to send AOL a record of the chat, as well as to highlight a specific user if you feel that anyone is getting out of line. AOL will investigate.