AI-Generated Art Could Be the Next Big Home Decor Trend

Created by the infamous DALL-E

If you want to fill your home with framed pieces that sort of look like actual art, and sort of not, then you are in luck, as an AI-adjacent framing service just launched. 

An Israeli company called Mixtiles just released the platform Daydream, which “brings AI to interior design” by framing images created by OpenAI’s DALL-E system. DALL-E is the art-generating software suite that creates images based on written text. You’ve likely seen its off-kilter work all over the Internet.



Here's how it works. Customers input a text prompt and let the software do the rest. Daydream provides them with several visual styles and variations to choose from. Once you find your perfect image, pick a frame style and color. Mixtiles creates the print and frame and ships it to your door. 

The company also says that no nails are needed to affix these prints to the wall, with a peel-and-stick design. 

"The integration of DALL-E with Mixtiles' seamless design process opens the potential for users to easily create AI-generated images that reflect their distinctive tastes and style into the real world," said Peter Welinder, VP of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI. 

Daydream officially releases today, and the process is rather seamless, taking less than a minute to generate images to choose from in styles such as watercolor and oil painting. Prices range from $15 for small 8" x8" framed prints to $95 for the larger 20" x20" size. 

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