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And artificial intelligence brain sitting atop an electronic circuit CPU.
Microsoft's Bold Claims of AI 'Human Reasoning' Shot Down By Experts
Someone wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone recording their voice on a smartphone.
Here's Why You Would Want Your iPhone to Talk in Your Own Voice
Someone using a laptop with an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot graphic overlaying the image.
How Google's Protections For Responsible AI May Not Go Far Enough
Closeup on someone pressing and electric piano key.
How Google’s MusicLM AI Is Inspiring Musicians to Create New Tunes
Cognitive accessibility features on iPhone
Apple Announces Plans to Add AI Capabilities to 3 Cognitive Accessibility Features
Someone wearing a virtual reality headset that has a wire running from it out of the picture.
Why Apple's XR Headset Is So Last Year
Someone interacting with a 3D artificial intelligence model shaped like a head, pulling threads out of it.
Why Anthropic's Attempt to Reign in AI Might Be Too Little Too Late
Search on big screen at Google I/O
Google Search Tests Out AI Tools for More Accurate and Helpful Results
Magic Editor
Google Announces Robust New AI Tools for Photos, Maps, and Gmail
Someone working on a laptop keyboard with a document displayed on the screen and a coffee cup and phone nearby.
How Generative AI for Google Docs Could Make Your Writing Better
Person pointing at smart screen
Microsoft 365 Expands Copilot AI Toolset and Opens up to More Enterprise Users
Human hand touching with cybernetics robot with glowing particles.
AI May Be Dangerous, but Here's Why Experts Say You Shouldn't Freak Out Too Much Yet
Bing Update
Bing's AI Chatbot Gets a Ton of New Features, Like Video Answers
Side view silhouette with a collage of images emanating from the left side
This New AI Brain Decoder Could Be A Privacy Nightmare, Experts Say
Scary robots in sillhouette
Chat GPT Horror Stories Show What a Useful Creative Tool It Can Be
Human-looking robot looking directly at the camera
Why You Might Not Want AI Chatbots That Are Too Human
Nvidia NeMo Guardrails
Nvidia’s New Software Hopes to Stop AI Chatbots From Hallucinating
Close up on a new RigBot robot that moves around the ceiling.
Why Robots That Move Like Acrobats Can Interact More Closely With Humans
A young student learning to write computer code.
Google's AI Chatbot, Bard, Can Now Help You Code Software
A young person using a chatbot on a laptop computer.
Is ChatGPT Doing Your Kid's Homework? Maybe, but It Could Have Some Benefits
AI and To-Do Lists Are Just About the Perfect Match
A row of server buildings emitting clouds of heat, against the backdrop of two windmills.
AI Contributes to Climate Change—Here's How to Make It Cleaner Technology
A portrait of a person with image segmentation overlaying half the facial features.
Meta's New Segment Anything Model for Identification Is a Big Deal, Experts Say
A conceptual image of an artificial intelligence portrayed in human form.
Protect the Future: How to Stop AI from Overpowering Humanity
An overhead view of robot hands on the keyboard of a laptop computer.
AI Is Writing Books Faster Than Humans—Here's Why That's a Problem
Someone using a laptop while talking with a chatbot on their phone as indicated by an icon and chat bubbles overlaying the image.
How the Mistakes Made By LLM Creators Have Led to Problem Children
Artificial intelligence concept image with a human face leading a circuit board.
How AI Can Turn Thoughts Into Images and Why You Should Care
An image of a scary artificial intelligence overlaid with binary code.
Even the Creator of ChatGPT Finds AI Scary, But Not Everyone Agrees
Two people sitting on a couch with coffee cups and a dog looking at one of them.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping to Translate Animal Languages
An artificial intelligence made of binary code that has a human-like face.
Conversational AI Like ChatGPT May Soon Have a Face That Looks Human
Closeup on someone's wrist as they're using an Apple Watch.
ChatGPT on Smartwatches? Yep, It’s a Thing (And It’s Useful!)
A movie director working with an actor against a green screen.
AI & GPT 4 Could Allow Movie Makers to Have Even More Creativity
Someone typing on a laptop computer, with an AI chatbot graphic overlaying the image.
Why You Don’t Want AI Chatbot Search in Your Browser
A woman's face with AI markers overlaid onto it against a white background.
With AI Portraits, Does a Photographer Even Need a Camera Anymore?
The Nottingham Art Gallery.
Why It Matters That AI Photo Apps Are Infringing on Artists' Copyrights
A robot speaking into a microphone.
Why Experts Say AI That Clones Your Voice Could Create Privacy Problems
An array of camera gear laid out on a tabletop.
Why AI Photography Could Make It Unnecessary to Carry a Professional Camera
Closeup on someone signing documents with a robot hand pointing where to sign and law books and a gavel in the image.
Your Next Lawyer Could be Powered by AI—Here's Why That's a Good Thing
A human hand and a robot hand nearly touching fingers.
Teaching AI How to Feel Could Make for Better Computers
Close up on someone writing in a notebook while a robotic hand types on a laptop in the background.
Some Human Authors Worry AI Will Take Their Jobs—Here's Why
Someone recording a podcast at a table in the dining room, with a laptop computer and microphone.
PodSearch Shows That AI Can Be Awesome, and Not Just Evil—Here's How
Someone holding a smartphone with the Google search page open on the screen.
More AI Chatbot Searches Are Coming—Here's Why That Could Be a Bad Thing
Concept images of an artificial intelligence drawing a portrait of a person.
How Artists Are Fighting Back Against AI Art That Copies Their Works
Ancient cuniform writing on the columns in a temple.
How AI Translation Is Helping Scientists Understand Ancient Languages
A person working in a lab setting with a tablet and an artificial intelligence data graphic overlaying the scene.
How AI Could Fake Papers and Wreck the Scientific Process
Three people sitting on couch all pointing at a laptop screen on a small table in front of them.
Got Questions? ChatGPT May Be Better Than Google for Many Straight Answers
Someone working on a laptop computer in a home office.
How AI Has Pushed Humans to Have More Creative Thought Processes
Closeup on a page in a ribbon-based typewriter with text that reads "This is my story..."
Can a Hidden Watermark Help Detect Text Written By AI? Maybe
Close up on the top of someone's head that has brain monitoring sensors attached to the scalp.
Don't Worry! AI Won't Be Reading Your Mind Anytime Soon, Experts Say
A torso t0 head view of the C3PO robot from the Star Wars movies.
Birds and AI May Have a Lot in Common—Here's Why That's Reassuring
Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Adds 365 Copilot to Bring AI to Word, Outlook, Excel, and More
Someone sitting outdoors listening to audiobooks using over-the-ear headphones.
Apple's New AI Audiobooks Are Great for Accessibility, Bad for Voice Actors
Someone staring at their smartphone with a surprised look on their face while holding a coffee mug.
Why AI Voice Scams Mean You Should Probably Never Answer Your Phone
Portrait of someone wearing futuristic, artificial intelligence powered eyeglasses.
How AI Could Help Give People With Speech Challenges Their Voices Back
Someone laying on a wooden deck reading a book.
AI Narrated Books May Be More Accessible, but Not for Everyone, Experts Say
Someone using VR Gear in a an office surrounded by walls of whiteboard.
Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Is Trying Way Too Hard to Be 'More'
A human-looking robot with binary code overlaying it's image.
Why It Matters That GPT-4 Shows Signs of Artificial General Intelligence
AI-Generated Art Could Be the Next Big Home Decor Trend
Illustration of a robot delivering the news as a news anchor.
AI News Presenters Mix Truth and Reality-Here's Why Experts Say That's a Problem