Agptek Clip MP3 Player Review

A runner’s MP3 player

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AGPTEK Clip MP3 Player

Agptek MP3 Clip

Lifewire / Erika Rawes 

What We Like
  • Small/portable

  • Comes with a strap and case

  • Includes earbuds

  • Has a clip for use during activity

  • Bluetooth compatible

What We Don't Like
  • Case makes it difficult to access buttons

  • Poor display quality

  • Small screen

The Agptek Clip provides a lot for your money in terms of features and accessories.


AGPTEK Clip MP3 Player

Agptek MP3 Clip

Lifewire / Erika Rawes 

We purchased the Agptek Clip MP3 Player so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Clip MP3 players, like the Agptek Clip MP3 Player, are ideal for listening to music while you’re out for a run or at the gym. Some people like to pick up an MP3 player when they want to disconnect from the world, but still want to have their playlist or favorite audiobook available. The Agptek Clip cost less than $30, comes with plenty of accessories, and is supposed to serve as a multifunctional music player for sports and heavy activity. I tested the Agptek Clip for a week to see if its design, comfort, sound, and price make it a worthwhile option.

Design: Tiny monochrome screen

The Agptek clip is small, measuring just over two inches tall and an inch wide. The monochrome display screen is not a touchscreen, but rather a basic OLED black screen with blue text. The 0.96-inch screen could be a bit larger, as the text is hard to read from any distance. Under the screen, you’ll find most of the main controls in the form of dedicated buttons. The keys are responsive, and they’re large enough so you’re not pressing more than one key at a time.

Agptek Clip
Lifewire / Erika Rawes

The Apgtek Clip has a spring clip on the back, which you can use to attach the music player to your clothing or the included armband strap. The package also includes a sweat-proof silicone case. The buttons and headphone jack are easy to access both while idle and on the move, but when you slip on the silicone case it completely covers up the on/off button and memory card slot. You can hold down the play button to power off and on the Agptek, but the only way to access the memory card slot is to remove the case. The symbols on the case don’t match up with the buttons on the actual MP3 player either.

The 0.96-inch screen could be a bit larger, as the text is hard to read from any distance.

Comfort: Sturdy, yet lightweight 

The Agptek’s clip is sturdy, and the player doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off when you’re running or biking. The strap is adjustable, so it’s comfortable on the arm. It provides quick access to the MP3 player, and it also has a reflective surface for nighttime running.

The included headphones are not comfortable or form fitting. They're basic wired earbuds, with a large, exposed speaker portion that doesn’t really stay in the ear.

Agptek Clip
 Lifewire / Erika Rawes

Sound Quality: Not bad

For an inexpensive MP3 player, the sound is better than I expected. It’s relatively loud and clear, without too much tinniness or sharpness. When I connected a good pair of headphones— a pair of wired Bose headphones—I was impressed with the reproduction accuracy. The player supports MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, and AAC, so it supports lossless audio. 

The Agptek can go from volume levels 0 to 31, but it loses sound clarity after level 22 when you use the included earbuds. I didn’t see an equalizer in any of the menus either. 

The player supports MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, and AAC, so it supports lossless audio.

Features: Music, ebooks, and more

You can download audiobooks, but keep in mind it’s not compatible with Audible directly. You are capable of downloading audiobooks (from compatible file types like txt), listening to music, recording your voice, and customizing your settings. You can even have the lyrics displayed using the LRC format

The Agptek clip has Bluetooth transmission, so it can pair with wireless headphones and speakers. It doesn’t have Bluetooth receiving, so it can’t pair with devices like phones and laptops. 

Agptek Clip
Lifewire / Erika Rawes

Battery Life: Up to 30 hours

During testing, the battery lasted for 14.5 hours of continuous music playback, and it took 94 minutes to reach a full charge (from roughly 90% drained). The specifications indicate the battery can last up to 30 hours, but listening to the radio and repeatedly cycling through the menu options shortens the battery life.

Price: Under $30

The Agptek Clip sells for $28, which is a reasonable price considering it supports multiple formats and comes with a case, armband, and earbuds. 

Agptek Clip
Lifewire / Erika Rawes

Agptek Clip vs. Sandisk Sport Plus Clip

At $60, the SanDisk Sport Plus Clip (view on Amazon) is about double the price of the Agptek Clip. The two devices are similar, but the SanDisk is compatible with Audible files, and it’s water resistance rated (IPX5), as opposed to just having a moisture-resistant silicone case like the Agptek. Although the SanDisk has some benefits over the Agptek, like a better design, Audible file support, and a bigger screen, it lacks a microSD slot. The SanDisk doesn’t come with an armband like the Agptek does, either.

Final Verdict

A cheap MP3 player with decent sound and plentiful accessories. 

Although it’s not the most advanced music player out there, the Agptek Clip is a serviceable option for athletes, or for those who need a music player they can use during periods of high activity.


  • Product Name Clip MP3 Player
  • Product Brand AGPTEK
  • Price $28.00
  • Weight 0.21 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 2.1 x 1.3 x 0.5 in.
  • Color Black
  • Battery Life up to 30 hours
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 transmission only
  • Bluetooth range up to 10 meters
  • Memory 8 GB (expandable 64GB microSD card)
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Audio codecs MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/WAV/AAC
  • Lyric format LRC
  • eBook format TXT
  • Whats included Agptek MP3 player, USB cable, headphones, silicone case, armband, instructions
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