Agloves Polar Sport Touchscreen Gloves Review

Agloves gloves are built with a budget in mind, but don’t skimp where it counts

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Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Touchscreen Gloves

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves

Lifewire / Jordan Oloman

What We Like
  • Very cheap for the number of features

  • Snug fit and fur-lined insides

  • Excellent sensitivity

What We Don't Like
  • Lacks a box for protection

  • Fabric durability could be better

  • Unattractive tag on the cuff

Agloves Polar Sport smartphone gloves deliver warmth, efficiency and plenty of bang for your buck, contouring well to your fingers and delivering excellent sensitivity across a range of devices.


Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Touchscreen Gloves

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves

Lifewire / Jordan Oloman

We purchased Agloves Polar Sport Touchscreen Gloves so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess them. Keep reading for our full product review.

Keeping our mitts warm in the winter months is of utmost importance, but people may opt to go without gloves in order to use their smartphones. Fortunately, touchscreen gloves have ballooned in popularity over the past few years.

If you’ve been considering a pair, you may have stumbled upon Agloves Polar Sport Touchscreen Gloves. Made of soft acrylic fiber, these gloves claim to fit well and offer 10-finger sensitivity across all devices. I put these claims to the test to see if they stood up when compared with the competition in such a busy market. 

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves
Lifewire / Jordan Oloman 

Design: Muted design, but warm lining 

The gloves come in a black acrylic fiber with a silver yarn weave that gives them an extra sparkle. The design is pretty simple and can likely go with any style. The pair is fully touchscreen compatible and work with every device that I tested, from iPhones to Android tablets and everything in between.

Unlike some of the other gloves that I tested, the cuff on these has a soft texture and didn't bother my wrist. Unfortunately, there’s a small tag there that sticks out and takes away from the design. The tag's woven thread has shiny silver, red, and white text, a far cry from the all-over sleek black design that covers the rest of the glove. I considered cutting it off, but I didn't.

The pair is fully touchscreen compatible and work with every device that I tested.

One surprising but appreciated feature is the fleece lining inside of the glove itself. Such a luxe material is fairly rare for a non-leather glove. It's great for comfort and warmth and is a surprising addition, especially at this price point. 

The unboxing experience for these gloves is fairly nonexistent. They don't arrive in a box; they simply arrive with a cardboard divider separating the two gloves. It's fitting for a budget option, but it would have been good to have a package or a box to have a place to store them when I wasn't using them.

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves
Lifewire / Jordan Oloman

Comfort: Good fit and grip 

Unisex and available in three sizes—small/medium, medium/large, and XL—the Agloves smartphone gloves contoured to my hands well. In fact, the cuff was even good at keeping out the wind efficiently.

Thanks to the fleece lining inside, these gloves really do keep you warm in cold weather, especially compared to other gloves that I tested. Most importantly, the silicone grips ensure that you won’t be dropping your smart device any time soon. They track right up to the fingertips, which gives the gloves overall touchscreen sensitivity.

Thanks to the fleece lining inside, these gloves really do keep you warm in cold weather.

Durability: Designed to last

These gloves feel stretchy and seem designed to last. The fleece lining inside keeps you from poking your fingers through the material like you would with plain wool. After using them over a few days outside, I did notice that the tips of the fingers had stray threads. It didn't concern me because that's likely unavoidable with all fabric gloves. 

Besides the fraying, the rest of the gloves felt totally fine. There is no side-stitching that has the potential to fray, and, despite the initial loose threads, these gloves feel like they would last a long time without needing repair or losing sensitivity.

Touch Sensitivity: A strong degree of sensitivity

The 10-finger functionality touted by Agloves certainly holds up. They contour to your fingers and work well on all devices, from tablets to smartphones, including devices like the Nintendo Switch. Even if you can't quite get to your fingers you can use the back of the gloves or the thumb knuckle to scroll through articles and open up apps. Formatting can be done by any part of the hand while gloved. Answering calls is easy even when you have to do it in a rush.

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves
Lifewire / Jordan Oloman

There was no differentiation in sensitivity between the fingers, with the thumb functioning just as well as the pinky and index. As a test conducted across the range of touchscreen gloves that I reviewed, I decided to see how long it would take to unlock my phone and open Twitter, then save a draft tweet of the sentence “I’m typing this using touchscreen gloves.” In this case, it took me 20 seconds while wearing these gloves, which was less than half the time (58 seconds) for my least-liked pair.

Price: A cost-effective pair

At a little less than $20, this is one of the more cost-effective pairs of touchscreen gloves on the market. The interesting part is that, even with the low price tag, there aren’t a lot of compromises. Overall, these touchscreen gloves are comfortable and will meet your needs if you don’t mind the one design flaw—the tag. 

Agloves Polar Sport Unisex Smartphone Gloves
Lifewire / Jordan Oloman

Competition: Cheaper prices, but none that can match the quality 

Agloves drives a satisfying bargain with these smartphone gloves, which makes it hard to compare them to the competition. These gloves are unassuming but incredibly efficient for the average user who just wants a pair of working touchscreen gloves to use with their devices. Sure, there’s Mujjo’s double-layered premium-focused gloves, but, realistically, beyond the snap cuff, they’re indistinguishable in efficiency. 

Lethmik’s gloves are an even more budget affair at under $10, but they falter in almost every key area. The durability and comfort just doesn’t compare. Perhaps you might be tempted into Harrms leather touchscreen gloves for their more professional design but the quality doesn’t hold up. Agloves rules the competition with this pair of gloves at such a remarkable price point.

Final Verdict

Solid price for solid design. 

These smartphone gloves are the apex predator in the market—they offer uncompromising functionality and reserved, but impressive form. They don’t sacrifice in any of the key areas where other options fall down. At such a low price point for the quality, they’re certainly the best option for the average consumer who just wants a pair of touchscreen gloves that work, no questions asked.


  • Product Name Polar Sport Unisex Touchscreen Gloves
  • Product Brand Agloves
  • MPN 1707ML
  • Price $19.99
  • Weight 2.4 oz.
  • Product Dimensions 10 x 5 x 0.1 in.
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