'Age of Empires III' PC Cheats and Walkthroughs

Just hit Enter and type in the cheat code

Age of Empires III
Microsoft Game Studios

"Age of Empires 3" cheats let you do things like amass more food and coins, reveal the whole map, and even instantly win.

In this game, you advance through different time periods, including the Discovery Age, Colonial Age, Fortress Age, Industrial Age, and Imperial Age. The "Age of Empires 3" cheats work in every time period.

Cheat Codes

To cheat in "Age of Empires 3," hit Enter on your keyboard and then key in whatever you see listed below next to the cheat you want. Type any and all text following "Cheat code:" to submit the cheat.

  • Destroys All Enemy Boats on the Map
    • Cheat code: Shiver me Timpers!
  • Fattens All Animals on Map
    • Cheat code: A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese
  • Gives 10,000 Coin
    • Cheat code: Give me liberty or give me coin
  • Gives 10,000 Exports (the Asian Dynasties Pack only)
    • Cheat code: trade plz
  • Gives 10,000 Food
    • Cheat code: Medium Rare Please
  • Gives 10,000 Wood
    • Cheat code: <censored>
  • Gives 10,000 XP
    • Cheat code: Nova & Orion
  • Gives 10,000 of All Resources
    • Cheat code: a whole lot of love
  • Reveals Map (fog of war is still there)
    • Cheat code: X marks the spot
  • Spawns a Bear With Laser-Eyes
    • Cheat code: o canada 2005
  • Spawns a Big Red Monster Truck That Can Run Over Anything
    • Cheat code: tuck tuck tuck
  • Spawns a Flying Tapir
    • Cheat code: wuv woo vol.2
  • Spawns a Hotdog Cart (the Asian Dynasties Pack only)
    • Cheat code: mustard relish and burning oil
  • Spawns Ice Cream (the Asian Dynasties Pack only)
    • Cheat code: ding ding ding
  • Spawns a "Learicorn"
    • Cheat code: don't kick the pitbull
  • Spawns an Alternate Monster Truck
    • Cheat code: wee ooh wee ooh
  • Spawns "Fluffy"
    • Cheat code: we <3 fluffy!1!
  • Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at Your Home City Gather Point
    • Cheat code: Ya gotta make do with what ya got
  • Turns on “Musketeer’ed!” when you get killed by Musketeers
    • Cheat code: Sooo Good
  • Turns on 100x Gather/Build Rates
    • Cheat code: Speed always wins
  • Win Single Player
    • Cheat code: this is too hard

File Edit Cheats

The following cheats involve editing a game file, which can potentially crash the game or make it unplayable if the file isn't edited correctly. Always make a backup of the original file before proceeding, something you can do by just copying the original file elsewhere. If anything goes wrong you can replace the file with the backup.

Unlimited Resources cheat. Use a text editor to edit the "proto.xml" file in the "data" directory of the game folder. You might first need to uncheck the read only attribute of that file's properties in Explorer; right click the file for that option.

Search for CrateOf in the file. You'll find "CrateofFood," "CrateofCoin," "CrateofWood," "CrateofFoodLarge," "CrafteofCoinLarge," and "CrateofWoodLarge." For each of these entries, find the tag InitialResourceCount and change the count to whatever you desire.

Each of the normal crates have 100.000 of the resources. As an example, you can change it to "99999.000" to increase the resources to that amount.

Unlimited Unlock Points cheat. Find and back up the "sp_yourcityname_homecity.xml" file located in "\Age of Empires 3\Savegame\."

Open the file to find a line called <skillpoints>. It has a number right after it and then another </skillpoints> entry. You can edit that number to get more unlock points in "Age of Empires 3."

For example, if you make the number 999, and then save the XML file, you can use 999 unlock points in a skirmish game to unlock things.

Invincible Units cheat. In the game folder, open the folder called "data." Right click "proto.xml" and open it with a text editor. Using Ctrl+F, find the unit you want to find, such as explorer.

Anywhere in that area, make a new column and press Ctrl and Tab twice, and then enter Invulnerable. Add another line and type DoNotDieAtZeroHitpoints.

Save the file, open AOE3, and send your explorer into battle to see that he will never die!

This secret affects enemy units as well as your own.