AfroTech World 2021: Dates, News, and Everything Else to Know

One of the largest multicultural tech conferences is slated for Fall 2021

The AfroTech logo in black and white.

AfroTech is an annual conference centered around startups, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in the Black community. It was founded by Morgan DeBaun in 2016.

When Will AfroTech Be Held?

The conference will be held November 8 - 13, 2021. It's currently expected to take place online, with the entire event livestreamed to attendees.

How to Register and Attend

Tickets are available on the AfroTech website. Early bird registration is available; tickets start at $149.

What Announcements Are Expected?

This event doesn't typically involve major industry announcements. Instead, attendees are encouraged to network with one another, learn new skills, and discover emerging trends in designed, engineering, and other areas of technology.

Venture capitalists do attend the conference, which gives startups and entrepreneurs a chance to connect with those who might be interested in funding new ideas. You can watch a sample session below.

The Latest News About AfroTech and Black Leaders

While you can always read the latest technology news on Lifewire, here are some special pieces of interest involving Black leaders in tech we're keeping an eye on.

As more information is released about AfroTech, we'll share it!

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