The 8 Best Camcorder Tripods to Buy in 2017

Recording stable video is easier than ever

A tripod is an essential accessory for every camcorder owner. While you can usually hold a camera steady for long enough to snap a quick picture, it becomes difficult to maintain a steady frame with just your arms when recording video. To stabilize the image and achieve a professional look, a tripod is necessary. When looking at tripods, it is important to consider height, build and panning features. If you just need a steady shot, chances are you can get away with a cheap aluminum tripod. More professional needs require a sturdier carbon fiber model that can adjust to any angle to achieve a shot. Whatever your requirements, chances are one of these top camcorder tripods will do the trick.

This tripod will likely last you a lifetime and can operate as well as more expensive models at a fraction of the price. Whereas most tripods are a mixture of aluminum alloy and plastic hinges, this tripod is constructed with high quality carbon fiber. All the surrounding knobs and ball-joints are also made with metal, and an eye-catching red and black design makes this tripod stand out.

Another innovative feature that sets this tripod apart is a removable leg that can be converted into a walking stick, which is helpful for anyone trying to capture footage in nature. All four sections of carbon fiber tubing can be adjusted to up to 67” tall, and the design supports even the heaviest cameras. While this tripod supports up to 33-pound camera or camcorder, it weighs less than five pounds and comes with a nylon carrying bag.

Travelers and professional photographers will love this lightweight tripod that weighs only 3.63 pounds. It is stable with 26mm legs with soft rubber feet that are great for adjusting to just the perfect height without being static. It has a professional three-way panhead with a quick release plate that can take photos at any angle, thanks to a 360-degree pan. You can further customize to your need with adjustable columns that go anywhere from 21 inches to 70 inches for impressive versatility. Other nice features include a convenient handle for carrying and a design that turns the tripod into a monopod in seconds.

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s generic line of everyday products offered at a budget price. These items are usually well made and the savings come from Amazon’s advanced distribution network, not from skimping on the quality. This camcorder tripod is no exception. At under $20, it is lightweight and stable. It is constructed with aluminum and weighs just one pound. It has three-section lever-lock legs that can easily be adjusted from 16.5 inches up to 50 inches, and a quick-release plate helps you glide through quick transitions between shots. Further adjustments come from a three-way head that allows you to tilt and swivel between portrait and landscape options, allowing versatility during filming or shooting.

A mini tripod is portable, lightweight and perfect to just set on a table and film. So this one is a great bet (and it's compatible with any and every camera and camcorder). You can lift the center column up to 230 mm, and quick lever leg locks make the camera easy to set up. It includes standard tripod features such as a leveling bubble and an adjustable head, so you aren’t sacrificing quality for portability. And at just 7” folded up, this tripod will easily fit in your backpack or purse.

Alta Pro tripods are constructed to maximize stability and flexibility, adjusting to accommodate any angle for your recording. The premium flexibility comes from a multi-angle central column that can be moved from zero to 180 degrees in vertical and horizontal positions and is held in place by an Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock System that securely repositions the central column in just a few seconds.

In addition, the carbon fiber legs can be adjusted to three different angles. Whereas most tripods have a set leg angle, the Vanguard can be adjusted to 25-, 50- and 80-degree settings. Other premium features include a magnesium die-cast canopy, spiked rubber feet, an anti-shock ring and an included carrying case. While amateurs might not justify the extra money for the increased flexibility, pros will appreciate the added versatility of this tripod.

Amateurs and professionals will both appreciate the features on this 65” tripod from Kamisafe. The VT-1500 is designed with video shooting in mind, and the ⅜” standard mounting screw is compatible with all kinds of camcorders. It holds the camera in place with an automatic double security lock, which prevents a tragic accident from knocking your camcorder off.

The design also sports a geared center column that makes adjusting the camera a breeze. You can adjust the camera from 26” to 65”, depending on your needs. The three legs are constructed from aluminum alloy, while the head can be panned and tilted 360 degrees for full capture.

Amateur movie makers are often limited by equipment constraints. A standard tripod just won’t get you all the angles you need while filming. What if you want to film from above pointing down at the action? That’s where this flexible tripod comes in handy. Its unique wrapable legs can go on any surface. A bubble level helps you make sure you get a perfectly even shot, and a quick release plate lets you attach your camcorder, phone or DSLR camera with ease. The compact size makes this portable, easy to throw in a backpack and go. For the inexpensive price, there’s little reason not to have this awesome and innovative tripod in your arsenal.

If you want to get the most out of your professional camera, go with this sturdy tripod from Fancierstudio. It works with every camcorder, thanks to the 75mm universal mounting bowl. It is supported by three-segment interlocking crutch type legs with a mid-level spreader that promotes increased stability for a sturdy shot. Rubber feet and adjustment knobs also keep things together, and a separate safety latch prevents the camera from sliding off. The camera has incredibly smooth pan and tilt and a dual handled head makes for a fluid continuous drag. You can transport the tripod in the included carrying bag. One drawback is that the maximum operating height is 54.5”, which might be a bit short for some purposes.

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