AeroAdmin 4.6 Review

A Full Review of AeroAdmin, a Free Remote Access/Desktop Program

AeroAdmin v4.0 in Windows 8

AeroAdmin is a portable and completely free remote access program for Windows. Unlike many other free remote desktop tools, there is no cost for commercial use as well as personal use.

While AeroAdmin doesn't have chat capabilities, its small in size and can be started up in less than a minute, which is perfect for a remote desktop program.

Continue reading for a list of pros and cons, a quick look at how AeroAdmin works, and what I think of the program.

This review is of AeroAdmin version 4.6, which was released on July 9, 2019. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin Pros & Cons

Though some popular features aren't included, AeroAdmin has its benefits:


  • 100% free for personal use and commercial use
  • Perfect for spontaneous support
  • File transfer ability
  • Remote logoff/reboot (in both normal mode and Safe Mode)
  • Supports sending custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Connections are secured with AES and RSA encryption
  • Automatically adjusts for best speed and quality
  • Can be configured for unattended access
  • Supports clipboard syncing
  • Can be installed as a Windows service
  • Fully portable so no install is necessary


  • No chat options
  • Remote printing isn't supported
  • The free license limits connection time

How AeroAdmin Works

The AeroAdmin program is completely portable, which means there are no installs to be made and you can keep it on a portable drive.

AeroAdmin shows an ID number every time it's opened. This number is what needs to be shared for someone else to connect to the computer. This number is static, meaning it doesn't change over time. You can also use your IP address instead of the ID.

The client computer needs to enter the hosts ID to make a connection. When the client tries to make a connection for the first time, the host needs to enable access rights, such as screen viewing, keyboard and mouse control, file transfer, and clipboard syncing. The host can give or revoke any of these rights.

At this point, the host can save the access rights options so if the same client tries to connect, no prompts will be shown and no settings need to be accepted to establish the connection. This is how unattended access is to be set up.

Before the host connects to the client, there are three connection options: Remote control, view only, and File manager. Know that once you've logged in under any connection type, you can not switch to another. For example, if you establish a view only connection, you must exit and reconnect to choose full control.

My Thoughts on AeroAdmin

I appreciate just how easy AeroAdmin is to use. Basically no options are required to start a remote session. You just need to launch the program and enter a host's ID number to connect to their computer.

I like how easy the file transfer wizard is to use. The remote user won't see you transferring files back and forth, nor will they see a progress bar. Instead, the person sending and receiving the files will have full control over the transfer, being able to see the progress and cancel it at any time.

While you can't chat during a remote desktop session, it's still perfect for times when you need to connect to a remote PC as soon as possible for either a full on remote control session or a simple file transfer. The program file is less than 2 MB, so both the client and host user can get it downloaded and launched in no time.

I don't like that you can't switch between view only and full control mode during a remote session, but it's really not that big of an issue because you can just disconnect and choose the other connection type, which only takes a minute.