15 Advanced Tips and Tricks for Evernote

Guide to Advanced Tips and Tricks in Evernote

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Even if you have used Evernote for a while now, this list is likely to include at least a few skills, tips, or tricks you have not incorporated yet.

Many but not all advanced tips are for desktop versions of Evernote because as a rule, desktop versions can contain more than streamlined mobile app versions.

Create a Quick Table of Contents Index in Evernote

Create a Table of Contents of Several Evernote Notes

Create an index of several notes, as a new note. This Evernote trick is so simple, it may just inspire you to create a topical series of notes on purpose. This is for desktop versions of Evernote.

Simply select several notes at once. For example, in Windows, we held down Control or Command while selecting multiple files.

You should see a menu option appear for creating a Table of Contents, which will be a list of hyperlinks to each note in your series.

Use or Create Your Own Hot Keys in Evernote

Hot Keys in Evernote for Windows

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts you assign. Do this in Evernote for desktop, on Windows or Mac.

Here's where you can find the existing shortcuts: Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows.

Get to Know Evernote Search Secrets Including Saved Search

Search Settings in Evernote

If you search for the same keywords a lot, consider adding them to your saved searches. 

Do this after performing a search by selecting the Save Search icon (magnifying glass with a plus sign icon), selecting Edit > Find > Save Search, or Add to Home Screen

If you have set up your files with underscore tagging and more?

Also, under Settings, you can do things like Clear Search History or enable Offline Search when a connection is not available.

You can also create a shortcut like described on the previous slide. Drag your text from the search box to the shortcut bar (not available for all platforms).

Research and Clip Highlighted Kindle Text to Evernote

Evernote Web Clipping from Kindle Highlights

While note-taking apps like Evernote aren't great for formatting bibliographic sources the way specialized apps or later versions of Microsoft Word are, you can keep a record of research such as capturing passages you've highlighted in Kindle, using the Evernote Web Clipper.

If you're logged in to kindle.amazon.com you can see these easily by visiting Your Highlights then use the Evernote Web clipper to send it to Evernote.

Create Local Notebooks for a Single Device in Evernote

Creating a Local Note in Evernote for Windows

Evernote can automatically sync to other devices, but you can also create a local version of a certain notebook which will not be synced with the others. Do this when creating the note in a desktop version of Evernote by going to File > New Note and selecting the Local radio button. 

Be warned, though, this cannot be changed later (you would have to copy and paste to a new notebook). 

How to Merge Notes in Evernote

Merging Two Notes Into One in Evernote for Windows

You can merge more than one note together in desktop versions of Evernote.

Hold down Command/Ctrl while selecting different notes then select Click on Mac/PC or Merge. When we did this, we could not reverse it so merge with care.

Encrypt Portions of Text in Evernote

Menu Bar in a Windows Desktop Version of Evernote

In Windows or Mac, you can right-click highlighted text within a note and select Encrypt Selected Text. Unfortunately, you cannot encrypt an entire note.

Choose a password you will remember.

Select the drop-down arrow for decryption options. ​

Get an Emailed Daily Overview of Evernote Reminders

Email Digest in Evernote

If you would like an emailed list of daily Evernote reminders, here's how to do it.

Go to Settings then Reminders then select Email Reminders / Send Email Digest to adjust when or if you would like to receive an emailed overview of your daily Evernote reminders.

Save All Evernote Attachments to Your Device

Options from Within a Note in Evernote

You can also save all attachments in an Evernote note simultaneously.

Select the triple-square icon in the upper right and choose Save Attachments.

Annotate Images and PDFs in Evernote

Annotate an Image or File in Evernote on an Android Tablet

Most devices allow you to use Evernote Annotation, which is available thanks to a built-in Skitch function. This allows users to add their two cents to the document with stamps, drawing, and other tools.

Select Mark Up This Note then Mark Up Entire Note As PDF. The annotated file is saved as a separate note.

Or, open the image in Evernote and select the a with a circle at the top to open the annotation editor.

View Previous Versions of Notes in Evernote

Note History in Evernote

Evernote saves automatically but you do have options for viewing or using previous versions of a note.

Users must have the Premium or Business version of Evernote. For example, on a Windows desktop you can select Note from the menu then Note History.

You can also look under Account Information on Evernote.com.

Create Your Own Evernote Templates

Using a Template Notebook to Create Notes in Evernote

Using and creating templates in Evernote requires a little creative thinking.

The easiest template-like solution we know of is to create a notebook designated for Templates. In it, put notes which you can duplicate and customize as new notes.

Evernote also has a variety of templates available. You can find those on the Evernote Help & Learning website

Consider Physical Moleskine Notebooks for Integration With Evernote

Moleskine and Evernote

Evernote has partnered with Moleskine to make it possible to sync digital notes with notes written in specialty physical notebooks.

You can even integrate Smart Stickers.

This product requires a Premium account.

Consider Using Evernote With Post-it Notes

3M's Partnership with Evernote

Evernote has partnered with the makers of Post-it Notes (3M)to give Premium users a color-coded way to capture and work with handwritten and digital notes. 

The idea is for you to have access to all your notes, written or digital, wherever your day takes you.

Consider a Specialty Scanner for Evernote

ScanSnap Specialty Printer for Integration with Evernote

Specialty scanners such as the ScanSnap for Evernote make it that much more simple to go paperless.