12 Advanced Tips and Tricks for Evernote

Get the most out of this ever-useful powerhouse

Even if you have used Evernote for a while now, this list of advanced tips and tricks is likely to include at least a few you haven't used yet.

The tips here refer mainly to desktop versions of Evernote, and screenshots were taken in macOS. The functions and procedures, however, are similar across platforms and devices.

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Create a Quick Table of Contents

Create a table of contents in Evernote

You can create an index of several notes as a new note. This Evernote trick is so simple, it might inspire you to create a topical series of notes.

Simply select several notes and choose Create Table of Contents Note from the menu that appears. The result is a new note with links to the items you selected.

Table of Contents Note in Evernote

To select multiple notes in Windows, hold Control or Command as you select each one. In MacOS, press Command or Shift as you select them.

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Use or Change Hot Keys

Evernote keyboard shortcuts

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts. There are Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows already in place. Change them by going to Evernote > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Saving a search in Evernote

If you search for the same keywords a lot, consider adding them to your saved searches. 

Enter your search term in the search box (in the upper right corner of your screen), but don't hit Enter. Instead, select Edit > Find > Save Search, and give the search a name when prompted. You'll find your saved search in the drop-down menu that appears when you click in the search box.

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Research and Clip Highlighted Kindle Text to Evernote

Evernote Web Clipping from Kindle Highlights

Although note-taking apps like Evernote aren't as great for formatting bibliographic sources as specialized apps or Microsoft Word are, you can capture passages you've highlighted in Kindle using Evernote's Web Clipper.

Log into kindle.amazon.com and visit Your Highlights. Then, use the Evernote Web clipper to send it to Evernote.

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Merge Notes

Merging two notes in Evernote

Select two or more notes. Click Merge from the drop-down menu that appears.

Merge with care: You can't undo this.

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Encrypt Portions of Text in Evernote

Encrypt selected text in Evernote

Right-click any text within a note and select Encrypt Selected Text. Create a password you will remember. Select the drop-down arrow for decryption options.

 Unfortunately, you cannot encrypt an entire note.

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Get emailed reminders in Evernote

Go to Preferences > Reminders > Receive Reminder Emails.

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Save Attachments From a Note

Save attachments of a note in Evernote

Select File > Save Attachments to Folder. All the attachments in the note will be saved to the location you specify in the prompt that follows.

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Use Evernote Templates

Evernote template

If you use the same format repeatedly, use or create a template to save time.

Evernote also has a variety of templates available at evernote.com/templates. Visit the link, find the one you need, and click Use Template. It will load in the web version of Evernote. You can use it there, or save it and use in the desktop version.

Creating your own template involves not a built-in feature but a method: Copy a note whose format you want to use again, and enter the new information, attachments, etc. Save all the notes you use as templates in a folder you designate for that purpose.

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Integrate a Physical Notebook With Evernote

Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine

Moleskine has created specialty physical notebooks that integrate seamlessly with your Evernote account. This means any notes, drawings, etc. you create in such a notebook are automatically uploaded and updated in your Evernote account, available from any device. You can even integrate Smart Stickers.

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Use Evernote With Post-it Notes

Post-Its and Evernote

You can use Evernote's camera in the mobile app to capture your Post-It notes; Evernote does the rest, color-coding each note to help with organization. The idea is for you to have access to all your notes, written or digital, wherever your day takes you.

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Use a Specialty Scanner With Evernote

Using ScanSnap Evernote Edition

Specialty scanners such as the ScanSnap for Evernote make it easy to go paperless, allowing you to scan documents directly into Evernote.

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