ADS Support, Drivers, Manuals, and More

How to Get Drivers and Other Support for Your ADS Hardware

ADS seems to be out of business. If you know about any driver or other support sources, or information about what happened to the company's assets or who may still offer support, please let us know.

About ADS

ADS, also called ADS Tech or ADS Technologies, was a computer technology company that sold USB storage devices, video hardware, webcams, network hubs, and possibly some other computer hardware.

ADS's main website was located at

ADS Tech logo

There are some other technology companies that share the same name as this one, like ADS Technology Inc. and ADS Technology.

ADS Support, Drivers, Manuals, & More

Since ADS is no longer in business, they no longer host drivers or manuals, nor do they provide any other type of support for their hardware.

However, you might be able to find product manuals on this old archive of their website, which is a snapshot of the ADS website that was made by the Wayback Machine. Just be sure to only get manuals there, not drivers, because they're most likely very outdated.

On that page, find the product for which you need a manual, choose Product Manuals / Documents on the following page, and then select Download to get the manual in the PDF format.

If you need ADS drivers, there are several other places to download them even if they can't be obtained directly through ADS.

A common way to get device drivers is to use a free driver updater tool. Since ADS no longer has a source for drivers to their hardware, you may have luck finding one automatically through one of those programs.

Do you have an outdated driver for an ADS product but you're not sure how to update the existing one? See How to Update Drivers in Windows for easy driver update instructions.