Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Getting New Features

Additions include Remix to Premiere and Faster Rendering to Affect Effects

Adobe is adding new capabilities to its Premiere Pro and Affect Effects apps, like the new Remix feature coming to Premiere Pro.

Announced during the Adobe MAX 2021 event, Adobe Premiere Pro also will gain an enhanced Speech-to-Text and a new Simplify Sequence feature. Affect Effects now can render videos in the background thanks to Speculative Preview and perform faster with Multi-Frame Rendering.

Premiere Pro Remix


Remix on Premiere Pro is a tool that uses machine learning to rearrange songs to match the video it's connected to. It analyzes the patterns and dynamics in a song to generate a new mix unique to that video.

Speech-to-Text now can perform on-device, which means editors can use the feature without an internet connection, but it's only available in English at this time. Additionally, the feature will have improved accuracy for pop culture terms across its 13 supported languages and better formatting for numbers and dates

Simplify Sequence in Premiere Pro removes gaps and unused assets in videos for a new efficient way to export and share projects.

Affect Effect Multi-Frame Rending


As for After Effects, Multi-Frame Rendering boosts the app's performance by taking full advantage of a computer's CPU to render a video faster than ever before. And Speculative Preview allows Affect Effects to render compositions while the computer is asleep to accelerate the creative process.

Public betas for these features will be available starting Tuesday, but Adobe doesn't have an official final release date for these features yet.

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