Adobe Launches Cloud Spaces and Cloud Canvas Apps

Making collaboration easier

Adobe is launching two new apps: Creative Cloud Spaces and Creative Cloud Canvas, both of which aim to bring work teams closer together.

Cloud Spaces is a digital hub for work teams to aggregate files, links, and libraries to ensure everyone stays consistent on a project. Cloud Canvas is a digital surface where team members can bring together different creative works into a cohesive vision for review.

Adobe Creative Cloud Spaces


With Spaces, team members can organize assets to ensure the right people have the proper access, add links to relevant documents, and keep project resources up to date.

New people can be brought in with a simple invite and access all the files they need to stay up to date. Spaces will be available on Adobe Creative Cloud as a beta and integrate with other apps, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

Cloud Canvas allows team members to review and collaborate on projects on a web browser to provide fast feedback. Documents, images, and other files across different Adobe different apps can be added to a Canvas page.

Creative Cloud Canvas


Documents will be linked back to the source and can be opened in the original app to edit. Team members can place stickers and notes in Canvas to add comments, or hop on a live chat to discuss the project.

Both Spaces and Canvas are currently available as a private beta with limited spaces. After the beta, Adobe will incorporate user feedback before formally launching next year. If you're interested, you can sign up for the private beta on Adobe's website.

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