Adobe Adds New Text-Based AI Video Editing Features to Popular Programs

Premiere Pro, After Effects get plugged in

Multiple updates are headed to Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects video editing platforms, offering more tools and improved software performance.

If you use either After Effects or Premiere Pro (or both) for video editing, Adobe has an assortment of new features and updates that promise to make your work easier. Both in terms of specific editing tasks and making the software faster.

Premiere Pro text-based editing


Text-Based Editing, managed by Adobe's Sensei generative AI process, allows you to copy and paste text into the video timeline—which Premiere will then analyze and transcribe. Color-balancing and adjustment of HDR footage are also receiving an automated option, saving time that would otherwise be spent manually matching clips.

And if you collaborate with others on your video projects, now you'll be able to lock specific sequences so that other editors can view (but not change) your work. Offline work will also be supported, allowing you to make edits when you can and publish the changes later.

After Effects will soon have an easier time keeping your project colors balanced when importing from other apps, with less time needing to be spent making adjustments. Additionally, a new Properties Panel will automatically swap the controls it displays based on whatever element is currently selected.

After Effects' new Properties Panel


Performance has also been enhanced across the board for both programs, with unspecified improvements resulting in a faster version of Premiere Pro. Plus, GPU acceleration for various formats (AVC, ARRI RAW, etc.) and acceleration for transitions and templates. While After Effects receives several optimizations to make multi-frame shape rendering and timeline layer selection faster.

These updates are expected to release for Premiere Pro and After Effects in May, though Adobe hasn't provided exact dates. A Creative Cloud subscription will be required to use either of the programs.

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