Ways to Adjust Privacy Settings In Facebook

Keep Facebook Safe By Changing Your Privacy Settings

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Here is a list of privacy settings you can change to keep your private information safe when networking on Facebook. When you join a site like Facebook you take the chance of letting your private information run wild. By adjusting your privacy settings you'll find that the Internet can be a safe, and very fun, place.

You're able to change your personal profile information privacy settings, photo and video privacy settings, keep your personal information secure, and decide who can contact you or see your profile and who can't. Start adjusting your Facebook privacy settings by going to the privacy settings page ​in your Facebook account page. Now you're ready to start making your privacy settings more, or less, secure.

Profile, Privacy Settings: 

Go to: Privacy -> Profile -> Basic

Adjust who can see your profile information. You have four choices; My Networks and Friends, Friends of Friends, Only Friends, or you can create customized settings. The parts of your profile you can change privacy settings for here are:

  • Profile
  • Basic Info
  • Personal Info
  • Status Updates
  • Photos Tagged of You
  • Videos Tagged of You
  • Friends
  • Wall
  • Education Info
  • Work Info

Photos, Privacy Settings

Go to: Privacy -> Profile -> Basic -> Edit Photo Albums Privacy Settings

Edit privacy settings for each photo you have on your Facebook profile individually. Every single photo can have it's privacy settings changed separately. Choose to have everyone see your photo, only networks and friends, friends of friends, only friends or you can customize your privacy settings for each photo.

Personal Information, Privacy Settings

Go to: Privacy -> Profile -> Contact Information

Adjust who can see your more personal information. You may want to go change this one right now. These are things like:

  • IM Screen Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Other Phone Number
  • Current Address
  • Your Website
  • Your Email Addresses

Searching For You, Privacy Settings

Go to: Privacy -> Search

These privacy settings will determine who can search for you and find you on Facebook. If you leave the choice at "anyone" then everyone can find you on Facebook. You can even choose to have your Facebook profile entered into search engines if you really want to be found.

Contact Information, Privacy Settings

Go to: Privacy -> Search

When you want your Facebook profile to be private then you need to change some of these privacy settings. They determine what someone can see when they come across your Facebook profile, but are not yet your friends. They also make it so non-friends can contact you, or make is so they can't. These are the privacy settings you have under contact information:

  • See Your Picture
  • Send You a Message
  • Add You As a Friend
  • View Your Friend List