Is there an Adium for Windows OS?

Trillian Astra is as close as Mac users can get to an Adium for Windows substitute. Trillian Astra Screenshots Courtesy © Cerulean Studios 2009

Question: Is there an Adium for Windows OS?

Where can I get Adium for Windows OS users? I love Adium and want to use it on my Windows computer.

Answer: Unfortunately, Adium for Windows does not currently exist, but there are many other IM clients available that will meet many of features and feel of Adium, a Mac IM.

Adium users looking for an alternative for their Windows computers will want to consider an IM client that offers multi-protocol IM support.

For your money, I'd recommend the following multi-protocol IMs as your best Adium for Windows alternative; all of these IMs offer the ability to add multiple IM accounts and communicate with the widest number of friends and family on one IM client:

  • Trillian Astra: My most favorite of the multi-protocol IMs. Trillian Astra is as close to Adium on Windows as you will get, especially in terms of fun, easy design and customization features. I would try Trillian Astra first when looking for a Adium for Windows alternative.
  • Digsby: Extremely versatile and fun to use, Digsby also offers users the ability to check email, update your Twitter account and even access RSS feeds.
  • Pidgin IM: One of the oldest multi-protocol IMs is also one of the most fun. Pidgin (formerly GAIM) offers a light, clean IM experience with access to all the major market IMs, plus MySpaceIM. Also, if you love the Adium duck, check out Pidgin's purple pidgeon!
  • Miranda IM: Another light and simple IM, Miranda IM is barebones but allows users to chat with many friends across IM networks without taking up loads of hard drive space.
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