A Step-By-Step Guide to Adding the Net Salary Formula in Excel

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 This Excel tutorial covers creating a basic formula for calculating net salary.

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Adding a Formula to Calculate Net Salary

Adding Formulas in Excel

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The Net Salary formula will subtract an employee's Deduction amount calculated in the previous step from the employee's Gross Salary.

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Calculate Net Salary Tutorial Steps

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For help on these steps, refer to the image above.

  1. If necessary, open the worksheet saved in the previous step of the tutorial.
  2. Click on cell F8 - the location where we want the formula's answer to appear.
  3. Type an equal sign ( = ) to let Excel know that we are creating a formula.
  4. Click on cell D8 to enter that cell reference into the formula.
  5. Type a minus sign ( - ), since we are subtracting two amounts.
  6. Click on cell E8 to enter that cell reference into the formula.
  7. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard to complete the formula.
  8. The answer 47345.83 should appear in cell D8.
  9. When you click on cell D8 the formula = D8 - E8 should be visible in the formula bar above the worksheet.
  10. Save your worksheet.