Customize and Add Groups to Facebook Chat

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Want to organize your Facebook Chat online friends list?

Facebook Chat groups allow users to organize the online friends' list into segments, whether you need a list to keep friends and co-workers apart, classes, and more.

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Create a New Facebook Chat Group

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To begin adding Facebook Chat groups, select Chat > Options > Friends List, and enter your new Facebook Chat group name in the field provided.


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Drag Contacts Into Facebook Chat Group

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Next, Facebook Chat users should drag online friends into the chat group, as it appears on the online friends' list. Just click, drag and drop.

To add friends who are offline, click Edit and start typing names into the field provided to begin browsing friends. Click each friend to highlight, and click Save List to continue.

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Using the Facebook Chat Group

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Upon organizing a Facebook Chat group, your friends will appear within the group when they are signed in.

Your Facebook Chat online friends list is now organized!

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Block Facebook Chat IMs Using Groups

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If you get into a situation that you need to block chat messages in groups, you can do so in a few simple steps.

  1. Create a Facebook Chat "Blocked List" (or another name)
  2. Add users to the Blocked List
  3. Click the green Go Offline button (see above)

Upon going offline, any Facebook contact added to your blocked list will see you as offline, leaving you free to receive IMs from friends and family without interruption from these friends.