Vine Soundboard Apps for Adding Funny Sounds to Your Videos

All the best silly sound clips that are trending on Vine in one place

The Vine service has been discontinued but we left the information below for archive purposes.

On Vine, you have only six seconds to capture a viewer's attention. When time is that limited, incorporating catchy tunes and fun sound clips by taking advantage of soundboard apps can often make all the difference in keeping viewers interested and engaged.

Anyone who's active on Vine should know that video-making trends go viral across the platform all the time. Every few weeks or so, some lucky user's new video quickly becomes a meme or trend almost overnight, inspiring all sorts of Vine users to create and post their own versions.

The My Name Is Jeff sound clip from the movie 22 Jump Street is one example of a trend that went wildly viral on Vine. Users came up with all sorts of different and creative ways to insert the clip into their videos in a way that could make viewers laugh.

If you like to post Vine videos and build a following of loyal users who will always be willing to re-vine your posts, then you're probably going to want to know about these types of trends, along with the third-party soundboard apps that make it convenient for you to get in on them.

Best of Vine Soundboard 

Best of Vine Soundboard is one of the highest-rated Vine sound apps in the App Store. You get 115 of the best and most popular trending sounds, along with a drag-and-drop feature at the bottom of the screen to save your favorite sounds. Upgrade to the pro version to enable sharing and remove the ads. Best of Vine even supports the Apple Watch!


While the sole purpose of Dubsmash isn't just to be shared on Vine, it certainly is useful for it. Choose a sound, record yourself with it, and then save the sound to your device and upload it to Vine.


Another popular Vine soundboard app for iOS is VineBoard, featuring a different interface compared to the other soundboard and over 400 sounds—for free. You can also search sounds, save and store your favorites, and reorder them however you like.


VSounds lets you browse through all sorts of couple Vine sound clips, from "a potato" to "I like turtles." To be able to use all the sounds, you'll need to make an in-app purchase of $1.99.


SoundPal is a relatively new app featuring a couple of sound clips to listen to and use for free. Like VSounds, if you want to take full advantage of the sounds the app offers, you'll need to make an in-app purchase of $0.99 to unlock additional sounds.


If you're an Android user who's not impressed with the in-app subscription you need to make for access to all sounds, try Vclips. The app offers over 70 free sounds to swipe through and play.

Soundboard for Vine Free 

This app gives iOS users slightly more variety that's free of charge compared to VSounds and SoundPal, which only offer a couple of sounds for free. Soundboard for Vine Free offers about 20 sounds for free, plus a $2.29 upgrade option for access to all. 

Okay, so isn't exactly a "soundboard" type of app since it focuses on music rather than sounds, but it certainly is one of the best apps to have if you like using free clips of popular songs as the background music in your Vine videos. is a social network, but you can use it to save the videos you make with it and upload them to other social networks, including Vine.

Take Advantage of Vine's In-App Music and Sound Effects

Did you know that Vine has features that allow you to add music and sounds to your videos? When editing a new vine, tap the music note icon at the bottom of the screen to add background music using clips that Vine suggests or by connecting to your music library. Alternatively, tap the audio wave icon to see a selection of popular sound effects similar to what's offered by the third-party apps above, which you can insert into your videos.

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