How to Add Contacts to Viber

Your contacts should sync, but you can still add them manually

What to Know

  • In the Viber app, tap Calls, then tap the Add Contact icon. Enter the phone number and tap Done, then enter their name and tap Save.
  • Or, tap More > Add Contact. Enter the phone number and tap Done, then enter their name and tap Save.
  • Or, tap Add Contact > QR Scanner, then have your contact tap More on their app to display their QR code for you to scan.

Viber integrates automatically with the contact list on most phones, but you need to add anyone who isn't on your contact list. Here's how to add new contacts from within the Viber app.

Add a Contact Who Already Has Viber

It's easy to add a contact who is already a Viber user.

  1. Open Viber and tap Calls.

  2. Tap the Add Contact icon.

  3. Enter the contact's phone number and select Done. Viber finds the person automatically. Tap Save. You added the new Viber contact.

    Viber add contact screens

    If you're with the person, tap QR Scanner. Then, have them tap More from their Viber app and tap their QR code. Scan their QR code to quickly add them as a contact.

Add a New Contact Who Doesn't Have Viber

If the person you want to add to your Viber contacts doesn't yet use Viber, send them an invitation to the service.

  1. Open the Viber app and tap Calls to go to your contacts list.

  2. Tap the Add Contact button in the upper-left corner.

  3. Enter the contact's phone number and tap Done.

    Viber app screens with "Calls," "Add Contact icon," and Done highlighted
  4. Enter the contact's first and last names, then tap Save.

  5. Tap Invite to send the person an invitation to use Viber.

  6. Viber generates a text inviting your new contact to use the service.

    Viber app add contact screen with text invitation

Another Easy Way to Add a Contact

Use the More tab to add a contact quickly and easily.

  1. Open Viber and tap More.

  2. Tap Add Contact.

  3. Enter the person's phone number and tap Done, or tap QR Scanner to scan their QR code.

    Viber app with More Tab > Add Contact highlighted

Call Someone Without Viber Using Viber Out

If your new contact is not a Viber user and doesn't accept the invitation to sign up, you can still call them using the Viber Viber Out VoIP service.

Viber Out has several paid plans that allow users to call phone numbers worldwide. The service also has a "World Credits" option, allowing you to pay for credits to be used as you make calls. Visit the Viber Viber Out page to learn more.

Invite a Current Contact to Use Viber

It's easy to invite any current contact to use Viber.

  1. Open Viber and tap Calls.

  2. Search for a contact name or scroll until you find a contact you want to invite to the service, then tap Invite next to their name.

  3. Viber generates a text invitation. Tap Send to send the invitation.

    Viber app screen showing how to send an invitation to a current contact
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