Adding Contacts to Viber

There are several ways to add contacts in Viber

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Viber/Wikimedia Commons

Viber integrates automatically with the contact list on most phones. However, you'll need to add anyone who is not already on your existing contact list. You can do this while in the Viber app.

Adding a Contact From the Viber Info Screen

If the person you want to add to your Viber contacts already uses Viber, you can pull up that person's Viper info screen and add them.

  1. In Viber, open the contact's info screen.
  2. Tap the Add Contact button, which is a plus sign in iOS and a person with a plus sign icon on Android phones.
  3. Enter an alternate name for the contact if you don't want to use the name the contact entered in the info screen.
  4. Click the Check Mark in Android or tap Save on an iPhone to add the person to your contacts list.

Manually Add a Contact From Your Android or iOS Phone

If the person isn't already a member, you can enter their information manually into your phone.

  1. Open your Viber Contacts screen.
  2. Tap the Add Contact button, which is a plus sign in iOS and a person with a plus sign icon on Android phones.
  3. Enter the person's information and phone number using international format. Include the area code and international code preceded with a + sign. Viber uses a person’s phone number to recognize them worldwide. 
  4. Tap Continue or Done.
  5. Choose the Check Mark in Android or tap Save in iOS.

If your new contact is not yet a Viber user, you won't be able to make contact using Viber unless you use the paid service of the app to call. This service is called Viber Out. You buy credit for your account first and place a call. If your contact is not using Viber, invite them to do so. Browse the contact list in Viber, which gives you the full list of all Viber (and non-Viber) users. Select the user and go to his contact page. Click on the Invite button. Viber does the rest and sends an invitation prompting the person to install the app on your behalf.

If the person is already a Viber user, you should see a small purple phone badge with Viber written on it and their Viber profile picture. Their page shows all the options for communication with the contact.

Other Ways to Enter Viber Contacts

There are other ways to enter Viber contacts.

  • Go to the More options menu on your Android or iOS phone. Select Add Contact and enter the information there.
  • Scan a potential contact's QR code to enter the information into your contact list. Ask your friend to open a QR code from the More options screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR code.
  • Open the Viber app on a Windows 10 phone and click the Add contact button. Tap on the plus icon and add the contacts information there. You can also type a new number on your phone's keypad and Save to your Windows contact list by tapping the plus icon.