How to Add Contacts to Google Voice

Create a list of friends, family members, and business associates

Two girls video chatting with a Google Voice contact on a laptop with a headset.

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Google Voice is a telephone service that gives you a free phone number for calls, texts, and voicemail. If you move or change jobs, your Google Voice number remains the same and it's easy to stay in communication with all your contacts.

Adding contacts to Google Voice is a simple process, whether you're adding them manually or importing contacts from a list. Once contacts are added, it's easy to call them and receive calls and texts from them.

Instructions in this article apply to Google Voice on desktop and laptop computers.

Using Google Voice requires signing up for a Google Account.

How to Add Contacts to Google Voice

To add a contact to Google Voice, create a Google Contact entry for them.

  1. Open Google Contacts.

  2. Select Create contact

    Create contact on Google Voice
  3. Add the person's name, phone number, email address, and any other information. Then select Save.

    Save button in Google Contacts
  4. In the confirmation dialog box, select X to exit.

Import Contacts to Google Voice From a List

If you have a list of contacts, it's easy to import it into Google:

  1. Open Google Contacts.

  2. Select More > Import.

    More > Import in Google Contacts
  3. Choose Select file to navigate to the contact list.

    The file must correspond with one of the listed file types.

    Select file button in Google Contacts
  4. In the navigation window, select Open.

  5. Your contacts are now available on Google, and it's easy to use Google Voice to call them.

Google Voice accounts are free. The only actions Google charges for are making international calls and changing your Google Voice phone number once you've created your account.