How to Add a Wavy Line Border in Photoshop

Create wavy frames using Photoshop CC

It's possible to make wavy border frames for photos and other images using Photoshop. Adding creative frames requires you to know a little about working with paths and filters.

Information in this article applies to Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

How to Add Wavy Line Borders in Photoshop

Since you'll be creating your border with the Brush tool, the first step is to select a brush:

  1. Choose a brush for your border in the Brush Settings palette.

    If the Brush Settings palette isn't visible, select Window > Brush Settings.

    Photoshop brush settings
  2. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw a rectangle.

    Rectangular marquee tool in Photoshop
  3. Select the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Paths palette, then choose Make Work Path.

    If the Paths palette isn't visible, select Windows > Paths to open it.

    Make work path in Photoshop
  4. Set the Tolerance to 0.5 pixels and select OK.

    Setting tolerance for work path
  5. Right click on the Work Path in the Paths palette and select Stroke Path.

    Stroke path
  6. Set the Tool to Brush, then select OK.

    Set stroke path to brush
  7. Select Filter > Distort > Wave.

    Select Filter > Distort > Wave.
  8. Move the Wavelength and Amplitude sliders to make the straight edges wavy. When you are satisfied with the preview, select OK.

    Wavelength and Amplitude sliders

You can create paths from any selection, so it's possible to apply this technique to all sorts of shapes.

A wavy border frame made in Photoshop CC
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