How to Add Watermarks to Google Docs

Put your personalized watermark on any document

What to Know

  • Select Insert > Watermark. Choose Image or Text.
  • For an image watermark, choose Select Image. Adjust formatting options as necessary.
  • For a text watermark, type the text and adjust the transparency and placement.

This article explains how to add a watermark to a Google Doc. You can insert an image watermark or a text watermark. These steps work for any operating system that runs a modern browser, like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

How to Create a Google Docs Watermark

Using a watermark in Google Docs lets you protect a document with your logo or mark something as a draft, confidential, copyrighted, etc. The watermark can be any image or text you want.

Make an Image Watermark

There's a watermarking utility built right into Docs, and lots of options for where to get the image you want to use.

  1. With the document already open, go to Insert > Watermark.

    Google Docs insert menu
  2. Select Image from the side panel, and then Select Image.

    Google Docs image watermark option
  3. Use one of the available tabs to choose an image.

    For example, go to UPLOAD to find a picture from your computer, PHOTOS if it's in Google Photos, or GOOGLE IMAGES to search for something online.

    google images search for lifewire in google docs
  4. Optionally adjust the watermark settings. You can change the scale, disable the fade effect, and choose More image options for other settings, like to adjust its position and to fine-tune the transparency and brightness.

    Google Docs image watermark example

Make a Text Watermark

Sometimes, all you really need is a text watermark, a word or phrase that shows lightly over the document. For example, you might want to use the word 'Draft' on a draft document so that you know what version you're using. Here's how to make a text watermark in Google Docs.

  1. Go to Insert > Watermark > Text.

  2. Type the watermark text into the box.

  3. Optionally adjust the font style, transparency, angle, and placement of the text.

    google docs text watermark example
  4. Select Done to save.

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