How to Add Text to a PDF

It's simple and fast

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Editing a PDF is not something people often need to do, so when they need to insert text in a PDF file, lots of questions may come up to our minds.

Thankfully, adding text to your PDF file has never been easier. Here are a couple of ways you can accomplish this.

Add Text to Your PDF File Using Microsoft Word

Starting with Microsoft Office 2013, Word is now able to edit text in PDF files.

The format of the PDF might be affected a little when opening it in Word

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  1. Open the PDF file using Microsoft Word.

  2. You have a couple of ways to open the PDF in Word:

    • Launch Microsoft Word, go to File > Open, then select the PDF file you want to load.
    • Locate the PDF file you want to open, right-click it, then choose to open with Microsoft Word.
  3. You'll be informed the formatting of the PDF might be affected when opened. Select OK to continue.

  4. Add the text you need to add.

  5. Go to File > Save As to save the changes.

  6. Select Browse to navigate to the folder you want to save your edited PDF file.

  7. Ensure the Save As Type is set to PDF.

  8. Select Save.

  9. The new PDF file will launch automatically for you to review it.

How to Insert Text into a PDF Using a Free Editor

There are a couple of options when it comes to adding text to a PDF file using a free editor. Here, we'll use the online version of Sedja PDF Editor as it's compatible with both Windows and Mac.

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  1. Launch your favorite browser and navigate to Sejda's Online PDF Editor.

  2. Upload the PDF file you need to add text to.

  3. Once the PDF loads, add the text to your PDF file.

  4. Select the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Once the changes have been applied you'll be given the option to download the file or to save it to your online storage service. Select the applicable option for you.

    Sejda also supports Dropbox and Google Drive.

  6. Launch the PDF file and verify your changes have been applied.