How to Add Search Engines to Internet Explorer 11

Use your favorite search engine with IE11

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ikuvshinov / Getty Images

Internet Explorer 11 comes with Microsoft's Bing as the default search engine. However, IE lets you add other search engines as well, like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and eBay.

You might add another search engine to IE11 if you'd rather not use Bing, or if you want more options in addition to Microsoft's search engine. When you have a search engine installed in Internet Explorer, you can enter search terms directly in the browser's address bar.

Add additional search engines to Internet Explorer by selecting an add-on from a predefined list available in the Internet Explorer Gallery.

Check for Installed Search Engines

Before you add a different search engine to Internet Explorer 11, first check to see which search engines are already installed. You might already have the one you want.

  1. Select the down arrow on the far right side of the address bar.

    Selecting the dropdown in IE 11.
  2. Read through the list of search engines that shows up.

  3. Select the icon for the search engine to make it the active or default search engine.

    A list of installed search engines in IE 11.

How to Install a New IE11 Search Engine

If the search engine you want isn't installed to Internet Explorer 11, follow these steps to add a new one to the browser:

You must follow these steps from Internet Explorer, not from Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or any other browser.

  1. Access the same drop-down menu from Step 1 above, by selecting the down arrow on the navigation bar.

    Selecting the dropdown in IE 11.
  2. Select Add on the bottom right.

    Selecting Add to add a search engine in IE 11.
  3. Find the search engine you want to use from the Internet Explorer Gallery.

  4. Select Add below the search engine.

    The internet explorer gallery.
  5. Select Add again on the confirmation prompt.

    You can also enable or disable the option to use search suggestions from that search engine.

    Confirmation of installation of search engine in Internet Explorer 11.
  6. Enable the new search engine from the down arrow drop-down menu by selecting it. The active one will have a blue square around it.

    A list of installed search engines in IE 11.