Add Rolling Credits to a PowerPoint Presentation

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Rolling credits can be added easily to a PowerPoint presentation by choosing and editing one of the custom animations. Read on to learn how to add this feature, which will lend a seamless finishing touch to your next project.

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Use a Custom Animation in PowerPoint for Rolling Credits

Animation to show rolling credits in PowerPoint
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Using animation to produce rolling credits like the ones in the animated GIF that accompanies this article adds a professional touch to your PowerPoint presentation and gives credit to the people who helped you make your presentation.


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Add Text for the Rolling Credits to a New Slide

Enlarge the fonts for the rolling credits in PowerPoint
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Open a new blank slide in the last position of your presentation. Add a text box to the slide or use a text box on the template. Set the alignment to center the text using the Home tab of the ribbon. Type your presentation title or a comment like "Special thanks go to the following individuals" in the box.

Type the name and any other relevant information for each person in the rolling credits in the text box. Press the  Enter key three times between each entry in the list. 

As you type names, the text box remains the same size, but the text becomes smaller and may run outside the text box. Don't be concerned about this. You'll resize the names soon.

Add a closing statement following the list of names, such as "The End" or some other closing remark.

Enlarge the Size of the Rolling Credits

After you enter all the credits, drag your mouse to select all the text in the text box or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A on a PC or Command + A on a Mac.

  1. Change the font size for the rolling credits to 32 on the Home tab of the ribbon. The text box may extend past the bottom of the slide. 
  2. Center the text on the slide if it isn't already centered.
  3. Change the font if you want to use a different font.
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Change the Colors of the Rolling Credits Slide

How to Change the Text Color

To change the font color on a PowerPoint slide:

  1. Select the text.
  2. Click the Home tab on the ribbon.
  3. Use the text color drop-down menu to select a new text color.

How to Change the Background Color

You can also change the background color of the entire slide:

  1. Right-click on any blank area of the slide -- outside of the text box.
  2. Choose the Design tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click Format Background.
  4. Select from the fill options. For a solid color background, click the radio button next to Solid fill.
  5. Click the paint bucket icon next to Color and select a background color.
  6. Change the transparency of the background with the Transparency slider.

The Format Background options are also available from inside the Animations tab.

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Add the Animation

Add the custom animation in the Animations tab on the ribbon.

  1. Select the text box on the slide.
  2. Click on the Animations tab.
  3. Scroll sideways through the first set of animations until you reach Credits. Click it.
  4. View a preview of the rolling credits animation. 
  5. Make any adjustments needed to the size and spacing of the names.
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Set Timing and Effects on the Rolling Credits

The right panel of the Animations tab lists the names in the rolling credits in the Animations section. At the bottom of the panel, click Timing to set a time duration for the credits or call for a repeat of the animation, along with other controls. 

Also at the bottom of the panel, you can click Effect Options to include sound and indicate how to end the credits, along with other controls.

Save your presentation and run it. The rolling credits should appear just as they did in the preview.

Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint was used for the example in this article.