Add or Remove Apps on the LG G Flex Home Screen

So you’ve got a brand-spanking-new LG G Flex Android Smartphone and you’re playing around with the cool swiping effects on your huge, curvaceous display. Then you notice that your home screen is kind of bare and you’d like to have easier access to your favorite apps. Or perhaps the wireless service provider for your smartphone pre-installed some shovelware and you just want to get that stuff out of your main screens.

Now what?

Fortunately, doing either of this is just a flick and a swipe away. Prepare to get in touch with your touchy-feely side via this quick and painless (I promise) tutorial on how to manage your apps on your LG G Flex. In the next page, I'll go over the method for adding an app to the home screen. We then wrap up the tutorial by learning how to remove apps as well.

The directions here should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Adding an App to the LG G Flex Home Screen

Adding an app shortcut to the LG G Flex home screen can be done via two ways.
Image &copy: Jason Hidalgo

To add an app to the G Flex’s main screens, you can pick one of two methods.

One way is to open your app drawer or menu by tapping on the Apps icon on the lower right of the home screen (it’s the icon with 16 small squares). From there, pick the app you want by tapping and holding its icon. This will allow you to drag into one of the open squares of whichever screen you want to park the icon into. To switch screens while holding the icon, simply drag it to either side of the display.

Another way to do it is to go to whichever screen you want to add an app’s icon to. From any of the main windows, find an empty spot and tap and hold with your finger and this will open up two screens. At the top, you’ll see a section that minimizes all your screens, which you can now cycle through by swiping sideways. Meanwhile, the bottom window will show all your installed apps. From here, you can add an app to whichever screen you’ve got selected a couple of ways. For more persnickety users, you can tap and hold the icon of the app you want and then manually drag it to whichever empty spot you want it to be in. Another method is to simply tap the icon of the app you want to move and it will automatically place a shortcut in an open spot on the screen. From here, you also can drag it into one of the open grids in case it goes to a spot where you don’t like it to be.

Removing an App From the LG G Flex Home Screen

To remove an app shortcut from the LG G Flex home screen, just drag and drop it to the trash icon.
Image © Jason Hidalgo

So let’s say you accidentally created a shortcut to the wrong app on your home screen. Maybe you created a shortcut to your Guy Fieri app but don’t want others to know you have poor taste in cooking and chefs. Perhaps you don’t want preinstalled shovelware taking up valuable real estate on your G Flex’s main screens. Either way, the app’s got to go. Fortunately, taking out an app shortcut from one of your screens is even easier than adding it there. All you need to do is find the offending app, tap it, then hold it until you see the trash can icon pop up on the top of the screen. Simply drag the app icon into that box until it turns red, let go and voila, any unwanted shovelware is gone from your precious home screen. Trust me, it’s for your own good. And if you simply can’t live without Fieri's app, don’t worry. Removing an app this way only takes it out of your home screen. The actual app itself can still be accessed from the regular app menu in all its spiky, bleach-blonde glory.