How to Add a Profile to Hulu

How many profiles can you have on Hulu?

What to Know

  • Browser: Go to > Manage Profiles > Profiles > Add Profile > type details > Create Profile.
  • iOS and Android: Tap the Account icon > your name > + > type in your credentials > Create Profile.
  • Hulu allows up to 6 user profiles on a single account.

This article explains how to add a Hulu profile on Mac or PC using a browser and other devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, and Android or iOS-based smartphones and tablets.

Although Hulu lets you have up to six profiles, only two devices can stream Hulu simultaneously with the basic plan, although you can upgrade for more streams.

How to Create a Hulu Profile on Mac or PC

You can add a profile to Hulu on your desktop or laptop by logging into the streaming service with a browser and following the steps below:

  1. Hover over the dropdown menu in the top-right corner and select Manage Profiles.

    Accessing Manage Profiles settings from Hulu Home page.
  2. Select Profiles > Edit Profiles > Add Profile.

    Profiles > Edit Profiles > Add Profile on Hulu
  3. Fill in the profile details (Name, Birthdate, and Gender). To create a Kids profile, toggle the Kids slider on the Create a New Profile window.

    Filling in new profile details on Create a New Hulu Profile window.
  4. Select Create Profile to confirm.

How to Add a Hulu Profile on Smartphones, Roku, Apple TV and More

Adding a profile to Hulu is easiest on a Mac or PC, but you can also do it on most handheld devices that support the streaming service. 

  • On iOS and Android: Open the app and tap the Account icon. Next, select your name to open the Profiles page and tap on the (+) New Profile icon. Type in your credentials (name, birth date, and gender) and tap Create Profile to confirm.
  • On TV-Connected Devices (Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, Game Consoles, Set-Top Boxes, and Streaming Sticks): Select (+) New Profile from the Profiles screen that appears when first opening the app. If you’re already actively using the app, go to Account > Profiles > (+) New Profile instead. Then, type in the profile credentials and select Create Profile to confirm.

How to Manage Other Settings for Hulu Profiles

Profiles are a great way to manage you and your family's Hulu viewing preferences, but individual profile settings aren't set in stone once you've created them. You can edit profile details at any time and even set up parental controls if need be.

Here's how to manage your Hulu profile settings:

Profile settings cannot currently be edited on Apple TV.

  1. Under Manage Profiles, click the Pencil icon next to the profile you wish to edit.

    Pencil icon on Hulu account
  2. Adjust the following options as need be:

    • Name: Change the Profile Name by clicking the text box and typing in a new one.
    • Birthdate: You can’t change a profile’s birthdate yourself. If you need to change it, you’ll have to contact Hulu for assistance.
    • Gender: Select a gender from the dropdown menu.
    Editing Hulu profile details.

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. To ensure any children who use your Hulu account can’t access regular profiles, you can set up a PIN by selecting PIN Protection under Parental Controls.

    PIN Protection in Hulu profiles
  5. Enter a 4-digit code and select Create PIN. You’ll now need to enter this PIN when accessing a Hulu profile (with the exception of KIDS profiles, of course).

    Confirming Hulu PIN creation.
  • How do I add a network to my Hulu profile?

    To add add-ons on Hulu, such as networks, log into Hulu, go to your profile, and open Manage Add-ons. Choose the network you want to add, review your changes, and confirm them.

  • How do I delete a profile on Hulu?

    To delete a profile on Hulu in a browser, go to Manage Profiles, click Edit, and click Delete Profile twice to confirm. On the iOS and Android Hulu app, tap Account in the lower-right, tap the name of your account, select Edit, tap the name of the profile you’d like to delete, and tap Delete Profile.

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