How to Add a Profile to an Amazon Fire Tablet

Use Profiles & Family Library under Settings to add people

What to Know

  • Each person's profile on a Fire tablet needs to be part of your Amazon Household and have an Amazon account.
  • Profiles can be found under Settings > Profiles & Family Library.
  • You’ll need to enable a password or PIN to add teen or child profiles to your tablet.

This article explains adding people’s profiles to your Amazon Fire tablet. This is done through Amazon's website and may require a free account.

How to Add Someone to Your Kindle Fire

Amazon Households permit a total of six people on an account, as of this writing. Of those six, two can be designated Adults, while the other four can be either children or teens. Adults and teens will need an Amazon account, and children can be added by their parents directly.

  1. Go to Amazon Household and select the appropriate designation. Adults and teens will be sent an email to confirm they want to join the household, while children can be added by their parents.

    Amazon Household home screen


    Child accounts are limited to what’s available in Amazon Kids and any content you allow on the device for them. Teen accounts have a bit more freedom, but still can’t place orders from your tablet without parental approval.

  2. Once they’ve confirmed their accounts, swipe down from the top of your tablet and tap the profile picture in the top right of the menu. This will open a list of all profiles in your household. You may need to reboot your Fire tablet before you see a correct list. 

    A list of profiles in the menu of a Kindle Fire tablet
  3. Tap the one you prefer and it will switch to that profile. This can also be done from the lock screen by tapping the profile picture.

    Changing profiles from the lock screen on the Kindle Fire tablet


    Adult accounts are locked so child and teen accounts won’t have access unless they have the PIN or password.

How to Share Content With People on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Sharing a profile doesn’t automatically mean you’re sharing all media. And if you only want to share some purchases and keep others private, you can do so at any time in a browser. Unlike lending a Kindle book, sharing content gives everyone approved in your household permanent access to that piece of content, until you change the settings.

  1. Go to the Amazon My Content and Devices page and choose Content on the upper left. You can also choose content on this page using the presorted content buttons.

    The My Content and Devices screen
  2. Search for a specific piece of content, or filter it by type.

    The menu in the My Content and Devices page on Amazon


    You can bulk-add content with Select All > Add to Library. This can only be done with twenty-five items at a time.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the content and then select More Actions on the right. From here you'll be able to select libraries with which to share your content.

    A book being shared in Amazon's My Content and Devices
  • How do I switch to a child profile on an Amazon Fire?

    To change profiles on a Fire tablet, first drag down from the top of the screen to open Settings. Then, go to Profiles & Family Library and select the account to switch to it.

  • How do I hide or unhide a child's profile on a Kindle Fire?

    First, go to Settings > Profiles & Family Library to show all of the available profiles. Select Manage this child's Amazon Kids experience under the profile you want to hide, and then scroll down and turn off the switch next to Show Profile on Lock Screen.

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