How to Add Pages to a PDF

A step-by-step guide to adding pages to a PDF

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to quickly add pages to a PDF, using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, DocHub, and Sejda.

How to Insert Pages in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

To add pages to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, you will need to upgrade to a paid version of Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Open your PDF within Adobe Acrobat, and select Tools in the top right side of the page.

    Screenshot of Tools Menu in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Scroll down to Insert Pages, and press More Insert Options, and choose one of the options from the menu that appears.

    • Insert from Clipboard: Will insert a page that includes the last item you copied to your clipboard.
    • Insert from Scanner: Will insert an image from your attached scanner.
    • Add to PDF from Web Page: Will insert content from a website (of your choosing) into the new page.
    • Insert Blank Page: Inserts a blank page that you can edit with the appropriate version of Adobe Acrobat.

    For this example, select Insert Blank Page.

    Screenshot of More Insert Options in Adobe Acrobat.
  3. This action will open a new window on the screen, giving you the option of choosing whether you would like to add the page before or after the current page. Press OK, and a new blank page will be inserted.

How to Add Pages to PDF Using Microsoft Word

When you use Microsoft Word to add a page to your PDF, Word will make a copy of the PDF, keeping the original PDF unchanged. Here's how to use Word to edit your PDF.

  1. Open the PDF file in Word by opening Word and selecting File > Open.

    Opening a PDF file in Microsoft Word.
  2. Find the PDF file in your file manager, and select the file name to open the file. Word will convert the PDF to a Word document.

  3. Insert a page by pressing Insert from the Word menu, and select Blank Page from the dropdown menu.

    Inserting a blank page into a PDF with Microsoft Word.
  4. Once you have added all the pages, select File > Save As.

  5. A window will appear. Select PDF from the pull-down menu under File format.

    Screenshot of saving a Microsoft Word document as a PDF.
  6. Create a new file name, and make a copy of the new document, keeping the original PDF intact.

How to Insert a Page in PDF Using Free PDF Editing Tools

If you do not own a paid version of Acrobat or Word, there are several free PDF editing tools that allow you to add pages to your document. We will take a look at two products for adding pages to your PDF, DocHub and Sejda.

Using DocHub to Add Pages to a PDF

DocHub is an extension available for Google Docs that gives you the ability to edit and sign PDF files. You can also use DocHub with an email address or a Dropbox account.

  1. To start, sign into DocHub with your email address, Google account, or Dropbox account.

    Screenshot of DocHub sign in page.
  2. You will be asked to allow access to your account. Press OK.

    Screenshot of DocHub access.
  3. To add a page, select the squares icon at the top left side of the page. This opens up a miniature view of the pages of the entire PDF in the left side of the screen.

    Screenshot of DocHub.
  4. At the bottom left side of the screen, select the Page+ icon to add a page.

    Screenshot of adding pages to PDF with DocHub
  5. You can rearrange the order of the pages by moving the pages in the preview icon.

How to Add Pages to a PDF With Sejda

Sejda is a free online PDF editor that also allows you to add pages. While the service is free, you are limited to processing 200 pages, or 50MB of data, per hour. After that, you will need to opt-in for a paid service. Here's how to add pages to a PDF with Sejda.

  1. Visit the Sejda online PDF uploader page, and upload an existing document, or create a new document.

    Screenshot of Sejda online editor upload page.
  2. Once your document is uploaded, you will see the Insert page here button between each page. Press it to add the page. Once it's pressed, a blank page will be added to your document.

    Screenshot showing the Insert page option in Sejda.
  3. Press Apply changes.

    Screenshot of Sejda Apply changes button.
  4. Seja will process your document and give you the option to download the file to your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.