Add Ons and Web Site Accessories

Add Some Fun

Add ons for Web pages, or accessories as I like to call them, are not just a lot of fun for your Web site's readers but can also be very useful in helping you create a community for your Web site or even a loyal reader base. Add ons for Web pages are good for you if you are creating a Web site because you want to get the word out about something you feel strong about or if you just want to make a lot of friends online. Even if you don't want to do these things, the add ons are still really cool to have on your Web site.

Adding add ons to Web pages is usually a very simple thing to do. The service or Web site offering the add on usually makes it pretty easy for you to add their add on to your Web pages. Sometimes you need to sign up with the service that's offering the add on but many times you just need to copy and paste the code they give you for the add on right to your HTML code.

Just For Fun

  • Virtual Pet Adoption Center - Choose the type of pet you want, give it a name and choose the color for your pet. Then just paste the code into your HMTL and you will have a virtual pet that will play on your Web site.
  • - Get a free quote or word of wisdom or humorous one liner of the day for your site. Make it any color scheme you want. Choose any combination of 40 different categories. Put it on your website and then you can leave it alone. It updates itself every day and you don't have to do anything.

Helpful and Useful


  • Meteo Weather - Online Weather Reports and Meteo Service - Free weather reports for your Web site.
  • - "Simple homepage tools that just work: server-side bookmarks, eBay bidwatch, notepad, calculator, stopwatch and universal navigation with the "superbox"!"

Create a Community

  • - Tools, tools and more tools for your Website. They have created an easy way for anyone to add any tool to their pages for free. Just sign up and copy/paste your way to interactivity and fun on your site.
  • BBMATIC BBS For The WEB - Put a bulletin board on your site and create interactivity between your viewers.
  • - Add chatrooms, bulletin boards and instant messaging to your site by just copying and pasting some code to your site. Now you can talk to people all around the world for free easily.
  • Tag Board - Real Time Discussion Board - Enter a message and have it show up right away. Smilies included in many different colors. Change your background color too. All this and many other features for Free. An advanced board is also available.
  • WWWBoard - Athreaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, followup to existing ones and more.

Communicate With Your Readers


  • - Creating a form has never been simpler. Just choose the type of form and fill in the blanks and you will have one running in minutes.
  • - Online Forms and Surveys - "MyOnlineForms allows you to create web-based forms and surveys. Data are sent to you via email in a variety of formats including .txt, Excel, Goldmine, ACT, and Maximizer. Free 10 Trial."
  • - Improve the chances of a future visit and a continuing relationship with your viewers with this simple form.
  • Dreambook - Create a Dreambook for your own Web site with this simple online system.