How to Add Music to Your Facebook Profile

Pin your favorite song from your profile settings

What to Know

  • To pin a song, go to Profile > Music > + icon > search for a song and select it.
  • To unpin, go to Profile > Music > "three-dotted" icon next to the song > Unpin from profile.

This article shows you how to select and add music to your Facebook profile and pin it for others to listen to.


Songs pinned to your Facebook profile are public, even if your posts are restricted to be seen by only friends. Songs marked with an "E" symbol have explicit lyrics.

How to Add Music to a Profile

Adding music and songs to your Facebook profile is only available on the Facebook app for iOS and Android. While the steps are similar for both, the screenshots below are from the iOS app.

  1. From the Home feed screen, select the Profile photo on the top left.

  2. On your profile, scroll down past the Friends thumbnails and the Posts box to the set of specific tabs for adding Photos, Avatars, Life events, etc., to your profile.

    Locate the Music tab by swiping toward the left on the tabs. Generally, it will be located after the Life events tab.

  3. Select the Music tab.

    Facebook app with the Music tab highlighted
  4. Select the "plus" icon on the Music screen to add a song.

  5. Select See all to display all available songs under each category. Then, scroll down the categories and list of songs, or use the search feature to find a specific song quickly.

  6. Tap the song you want to add.

  7. The songs are added to the Music tab. Select the playhead to preview the song. All songs have a playback length of 90 seconds.

    Facebook Select Music option
  8. Select the three dots on the right of the song to display a sliding menu.

  9. Select Pin to profile to pin the song to your public Facebook profile.

  10. Go back to your Profile to see the song pinned below your profile photo and name.

    Facebook pin music to Profile option


You can also pin a song to your profile via the menu under the three-dotted icon when you preview the song in full screen.

How to Remove a Song From a Profile

Follow the steps in reverse to unpin and remove any song from your profile page.

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile page.

  2. Select the three dots next to the pinned song.

  3. Select Unpin from profile to remove the song from the profile page but keep it in the list of selected songs on the Music tab.

  4. Select Delete song from profile to remove the song completely from the Music tab.

    Unpin music from Facebook profile path
  5. You can go back and add the track anytime you want.

  • How do I add music to a Facebook story?

    Once you've taken or selected a photo/video for a Facebook story in the mobile app, select the Sticker icon, and then tap the Music sticker. Pick a song, and then when you post the story, the music will play while people view it.

  • How do I add music to a Facebook post?

    Select the status field to start making a post, and then select Photo/Video. Once you select an image or movie, tap Edit in the upper-left corner. Choose the Sticker icon, tap Music, and select a song. Make any other finishing touches to the post, and the music will play when you add it.

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