Add Music to PowerPoint 2007 Slide Presentations

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Wendy Russell

Sound or music files can be saved on your computer in many formats that can be used in PowerPoint 2007, such as MP3 or WAV files. You can add these types of sound files to any slide in your presentation. However, only WAV type sound files can be embedded into your presentation.

Note: To have the best success with playing music or sound files in your presentations, always keep your sound files in the same folder in which you save your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

Insert a Sound File

  1. Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow under the Sound icon on the right side of the ribbon.
  3. Select Sound from File.

Start Options for PowerPoint 2007 Sound Files

Options to start the sound or music in PowerPoint 2007
Wendy Russell

How the Sound Should Start

You are prompted to select a method for PowerPoint 2007 to begin to play your sound or music file.

  • Automatically - The sound will start when the previous action is complete, such as a transition from the previous slide or an animation on the current slide.
  • When Clicked - The sound will begin when you click on the sound icon that appears on the slide. This option should be used with caution because you must click precisely on the sound icon for the sound to play. If you click on the slide by mistake, the presentation will advance to the next action.

Edit Sound or Music File Settings in Your Presentation

Edit sound options in PowerPoint 2007
Wendy Russell

Change Sound File Options

You may wish to change some of the sound options for a sound file that you have already inserted into your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

  1. Click on the sound file icon on the slide.
  2. The ribbon should change to the contextual menu for sound. If the ribbon does not change, click on the Sound Tools link above the ribbon.

Edit Sound Options on the Ribbon

Sound options in PowerPoint 2007
Wendy Russell

Contextual Menu for Sound

When the sound icon is selected on the slide, the contextual menu changes to reflect options available for sound.

Options you may wish to change are:

  • Volume.
  • Whether to loop (play continuously) the sound until the end of the presentation.
  • Hide the sound icon on the slide.
  • The maximum size of the sound file that can play.
  • Play automatically, across a specific number of slides or on click.

These changes can be made at any time after the sound file has been inserted into the presentation.