How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories

Keep your followers up to date with multiple pics

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram

Instagram stories are great for sharing quick, casual photos and video clips with your followers. But if you have multiple photos or videos already saved to your device that you want to post to your stories, uploading them one by one can be quite a hassle.

Luckily, Instagram allows you to select multiple photos and videos from your device's library or gallery to post them as stories all in one go. And yes, you can even edit each one before you post them all.

Why Share Multiple Photos of Videos to Instagram Stories All at Once?

The biggest convenience of being able to select multiple photos or videos to share all at once to your Instagram stories is that it simply saves time. It also makes the process of posting multiple stories seem less daunting and labor-intensive.

For example, if you have three videos and seven photos you want to post to your stories, you can simply select the ones you want from your library, gallery or other media folder to upload and post them all immediately with a single tap. This is a great solution if:

  • You want to capture multiple scenes or clips throughout your day.
  • You don't have time to open Instagram and post stories directly to it.
  • You're not sure if the photos or videos you took are story-worthy so you'd like to have the option to decide later.
  • You want to choose only the best photos or videos to post to your stories.
  • You find yourself in a location with a poor internet connection and have to go somewhere with a better connection to upload photo or video stories.

How to Add Multiple Photos or Videos to Your Instagram Stories

These instructions apply to the Instagram mobile app for both iOS and Android, however the steps below will be explained using the iOS app. Android users will be able to follow along, although there may be some minor differences between the two apps.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap Your Story in the top left corner.

    You can also just swipe right from your home feed or alternatively tap your profile picture from your profile tab to go to the stories tab.

  2. Tap the library/gallery icon in the bottom left to see your most recently taken photos and videos on your device.

    A screenshot of the Instagram app for iOS.
  3. Optionally select the media folder you want to choose your photos or videos from using the dropdown button in the top left.

    If you want to upload a mix of photos and videos at once, leave it at your device's default media folder. If, however, you want to only select multiple videos, you might want to select your videos folder to filter out all the photos — making it much easier to find and select the videos that you want.

  4. Tap the multiple photos button, located to the right of the folder dropdown button.

    A screenshot of the Instagram app for iOS.
  5. Tap the photos or videos that you want to select. The circle in the top right of each thumbnail will turn blue and a number will appear in it, representing the order in which they'll be posted.

    A screenshot of the Instagram app for iOS.

    If you change your mind about adding a photo/video or want to change the order, you can deselect any photo/video by tapping it again. You can only post up to 10 photos/videos at a time.

  6. Tap NEXT in the bottom right when you're finished your selection.

  7. Make optional edits to your photos or videos by tapping the sticker, drawing or text buttons at the top. Tap any photo/video shown in the selection tool at the bottom of the screen to move between editing each one separately.

    A screenshot of the Instagram app for iOS.
  8. Tap NEXT in the bottom right when you're done.

  9. Tap the blue Share button beside Your Story to post it to your stories or alternatively share it with Close Friends Only.

    A screenshot of the Instagram app for iOS.
  10. Your multiple stories will be posted. You and the followers you shared it with will be able to tap your profile bubble in their stories feed to view them.