How to Add an Eject Menu to the Mac Menu Bar

Eject CDs and DVDs by using the macOS menu bar

The menu bar in macOS provides system- and application-specific access to menus, such as Apple, File, and Help. The menu bar is always visible, so no matter which application you use or how many windows are open on your desktop, you can access menus and commands on the menu bar.

You can customize parts of the menu bar, adding shortcuts for frequently used features and functions, such as volume, Bluetooth-connected devices, and Wi-Fi networks. Here's how to add an Eject menu to the macOS menu bar so that you can quickly eject a CD or DVD without moving windows around to drag the disc icon to the Trash.

Instructions in this article apply to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and later. Menu and command names may differ depending on the version of OS X or macOS installed on your computer.

MacBook Pro ejecting optical media
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Add an Eject Menu to the Menu Bar

Access to eject functionality from the menu bar offers benefits beyond a quick way to eject a disc. For example, if your computer has multiple optical drives, the Eject menu lists each drive so that you can select the disc you want to eject.

The Eject menu also comes in handy when you eject a stubborn CD or DVD, such as a disc in a format macOS doesn't recognize. Because the CD or DVD never mounts (that is, it doesn't become accessible to the computer), there's no icon to drag to the Trash and no pop-up menu you can use to eject the disc.

The Eject menu works for peripheral and built-in optical drives.

To add the Eject menu to the menu bar, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Finder.

  2. From the Go menu, select Go to Folder.

    Go to Folder command in Mac Finder
  3. In the Go to the folder box, type /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras.

    Go to the folder text box in macOS Catalina

    Folder names in the Library are case sensitive.

  4. In the Menu Extras folder, double-click

    The Menu Extras Finder folder in macOS Catalina

    The Eject menu icon is added to the menu bar (the icon is a chevron with a line beneath it).

  5. Select the Eject menu icon to display all the optical drives attached to the Mac. An Open or Close command appears, depending on each drive's current state.

    The Eject Menu icon in macOS Catalina

Position the Eject Menu Icon on the Menu Bar

Like any other menu bar icon, you can position the Eject menu icon to appear anywhere in the menu bar. To reposition the Eject menu icon, press and hold the Command key on the keyboard, then drag the Eject menu icon to the desired location on the menu bar.

Remove the Eject Menu Icon From the Menu Bar

To remove the Eject menu icon from the menu bar, press and hold the Command key on the keyboard, then select and drag the icon off the menu bar.