How to Add Links to Signatures in Mac OS X Mail

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A signature without a link is like an email without a signature. Would you want an email like that? Or a signature like that? A link-less signature, a sans-signature link-less email?

Fortunately, Mac OS X Mail makes it easy to insert simple text links — all you have to do is type the URL —, and you can turn images into links comfortably, too.

Add Links to Signatures in Mac OS X Mail

To insert a link in your Mac OS X Mail signature:

  • Type the URL.
    • Inserting anything that starts with http:// is usually enough for recipients to be able to follow the link.

To link text or an image in a Mac OS X Mail signature:

  • Click in the signature you want to edit in Mail preferences' Signatures tab.
  • Press Command-A.
  • Now press Command-C.
  • Press Command-N to create a new message.
  • Click in the message body.
  • Press Command-A again.
  • Press Command-V.
  • Highlight the text or image you want to link.
  • Select Edit | Add Link… (or Edit | Link | Add...) from the menu.
  • Enter the desired address.
  • Click OK.
  • Press Command-A once more to highlight all text.
  • Press Command-C.
  • Go back to the Signatures preferences window.
  • Make sure the entire signature text is still highlighted.
    • If it is not, click in the signature and press, yes, Command-A.
  • Press Command-V.
  • Close the Signatures window.
  • Close the New Message window as well, not saving the email as a draft.

Note that such rich-text links will not be present in the plain-text equivalent Mac OS X Mail automatically generates for recipients who prefer to read their mail in just text.