How to Add Links to Signatures in Mac OS X Mail or MacOS Mail

Including a live link in your email signature is useful for recipients

The Mail application in macOS makes it easy to insert text links into your email signature: Just type the URL—also known as a hyperlink—that is the full address of the website you're linking to. Mail does the rest, automatically converting anything that starts with http:// to a live link.

Information in this article applies to the Mail application in macOS Catalina (10.15) through OS X Lion (10.7).

  1. Open the Mail application. Select Mail in the menu bar and choose Preferences in the drop-down menu to open the Mail preferences screen.

    Mail menu with Preferences selected
  2. Click the Signatures tab at the top of the Mail preferences screen.

    Mail Preferences with the Signatures tab highlighted
  3. Select All Signatures or choose the account with a signature you want to edit in the left column of the screen. Select the signature from the middle column. If you select from All Signatures, you need to drag the edited signature to the email account you plan to use it with when you are finished.

    Selection of a signature in the Mail preferences
  4. Add a new signature by pressing the + key at the bottom of the middle column, Give it a name and and type your information in the right panel. You can change the font, size, and color of the text using the Format tab on the Mail menu bar or choose to always match your default message font.

    Signatures screen in macOS Mail preferences

    To have the signature appear at the bottom of your emails, clear the box next to Place signature above quoted text.

  5. In the right panel, highlight the text to which you want to add a link in your signature.

    Company name highlighted for macOS Mail signature link
  6. Select Edit > Add Link from the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Command + K.

    Option to all Link to text in a macOS Mail signature
  7. Enter the complete internet address for the link, including http:// in the field provided and click OK.

    Signature preferences in macOS Mail
  8. Drag the signature from All Signatures to the account you plan to use it with. Close the Signatures window.

Test the Signature Link

Create a new email in the account with the signature you just added and select the new signature from the drop-down menu next to Signature. The links won't work in your draft email, so send a test message to yourself or to one of your other accounts to confirm that the text and image links work properly.

Email showing a text link in an email

If your recipient chooses to read mail in plain-text format, a rich text link doesn't display as a clickable link but as the http:// address instead.

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