How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

Now, you can directly add links while in the Stories feature

What to Know

  • You no longer need to have 10,000 followers or be a verified user to add a link to your story.
  • Simply tap to Add a Story > select or record a video > click the link icon > URL > type or paste the URL
  • When you share your story, followers get a See More option. They can swipe up to access the link.

Here's how to add links to Instagram Stories.

How to Put a Link on Your Instagram Story

You can add a link to your story to promote your website, blog, or even a YouTube channel.

  1. In the Instagram app, tap to Add a Story.

  2. Select or record the video you want to add to your story. To select multiple items, tap and hold the first item.

    You can also select multiple still photos, and Instagram rolls through them during the story, giving each one a set amount of time to show.

  3. Once you make your selections, you move on to the editing screen where you can add filters, sound, links, stickers, drawings, text, and more.

    Screenshots showing how to add Instagram Story links.
  4. Click the link icon at the top of the page and then click URL.

  5. Type or paste the URL into the field provided and then click Done.

  6. When you share your story, there's a See More option at the bottom of the page where users can "swipe up" to see the clickable link.

  • How do I add music to an Instagram story?

    To add music to an Instagram story, after creating your story, tap the Stickers icon from the top menu, tap Music, and then browse for the music you want. Tap the album cover to add it to your story. Next, tap 15 and select a track length.

  • How do I add my own music to an Instagram story?

    Try a third-party app that adds music to social media videos, or use an app like iMovie to create a pre-edited video to add to your story.

  • How do I add a GIF to an Instagram story?

    From your Instagram story, tap Create. Select the GIF icon, and then search for and add your favorite GIFs.

  • How do I add filters to an Instagram story?

    Launch Instagram and swipe left to access the camera. Swipe through the icons at the bottom and tap the magnifying glass. Find a filter and tap the down arrow to download it. When creating your story, tap the smiley face to access the filter, and then select it for your video or photo.

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