Add Images to Blogger Blogs From Your Computer

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Do you want to add photos to your Blogger blog but don't want the hassle of uploading them first? Here's how you can quickly add photos to right from your new entry page.

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Start New Entry Blogger Post Entry

Log into Blogger and start a new entry. Select New Post.

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Open the Add Images Window

Blogger’s Add Images screen

When you are ready to add your photo click on the little icon that looks like a picture. This is the Add Images button.

When the Add Images window loads, you will have choices:

  • Upload: You will be able to choose files and upload multiple files at once, including JPG, GIF or PNG files.
  • From this blog: If you have previously uploaded images, you will be able to choose them.
  • From Google Album Archive: You can choose photos you have previously uploaded as profile photos, scrapbook photos, etc.
  • From your phone: If you were using Google for photo backup on your phone, these images are available for you to use.
  • From your webcam: If you have a camera connected, you can use it.
  • From a URL: Enter the URL of an image you have online already. There is a warning about copyright infringement and using the images of others without permission.

You can drag and drop images directly into your post drafts if you prefer.

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Browse for Photo - Choose Files

A window will pop up so you can add your photo to your entry.

Click Choose Photos on the left side of the window. Find the photo on your computer. You may have to navigate to your Photos folder. Once you have found the photo or multiple photos, select them to upload. To select multiple photos, hold Shift to select a range or CTRL to select them one at a time.

Now select each photo you want to insert into the post by clicking on it. If you don't want to use one, click again on it to deselect.

Once you have the photo or photos you want to insert selected, click Add Selected at the bottom of the Add Images window.

Choose how you want your photo-aligned and what size you want it to be. Then click Upload Image. When your photo has finished uploading click Done.

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Choose How You Want Your Photo Displayed

Editing photos in Blogger

When you have inserted an image into a post, select the image to see the editing choices you have for it. The image will gray out and a menu will appear beneath it.

  • You will have size options: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and Original Size.
  • Alignment options are Left, Center, and Right. If you choose left or right, you can add text alongside the photo, while if you choose center you won't have any text alongside the photo.
  • You can add a caption and remove a caption.
  • Select Properties to add a title text to the photo and an alt text tag to the photo.
  • You can also remove the photo.
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View Your Photo

Finish your blog entry and click Publish. When your post has been published click View Blog to see your new entry and your photo.