How to Add Google AdSense Between Posts in Wordpress

Hack your theme to display AdSense Ads

A mouse with a dollar sign, showing how Google Alerts can make you money.

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Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. AdSense ads pay based on cost-per-click (CPC). Each time a visitor to your Wordpress blog clicks on an ad, you receive a fee. If you're using and are hosting your blog through a third party, add Google AdSense ads to your blog to earn money. After you establish a Google AdSense account and are approved, you can begin adding ads to your site. Although many people use sidebar ads, you can also position ads between posts on your blog.

There are a few ways to add AdSense to your WordPress blog. Many require to edit the raw PHP of your theme. These tend to be messy and fairly unreliable, especially since they get overwritten every time your theme is updated, unless you create a child theme. So, if you're not a WordPress developer, you'll probably rather a simpler option from a plugin, and that's exactly the approach this guide takes.

Add AdSense After Posts on WordPress

  1. To display Google AdSense image or text ads between your posts, you're going to need a plugin. Log in to the dashboard on your WordPress site.

    WordPress dashboard login
  2. From the WordPress dashboard, select Plugins on the left hand menu.

    WordPress dashboard
  3. On the plugins page, press Add New.

    WordPress plugins
  4. Search for "Ad Inserter."

    WordPress add plugins
  5. The first result should be Ad Inserter - Ad Manager & AdSense Ads. Press Install Now, followed by Activate.

    WordPress install Ad Inserter
  6. Now, choose Settings > Ad Inserter from the left menu.

    WordPress open Ad Inserter
  7. This is the Ad Inserter management interface. It lets you manage up to sixteen different ads and choose where they should appear. All you need to do is add the code from AdSense to the large open text field. So, open another browser tab, and sign in to AdSense.

    WordPress Ad Inserter
  8. Copy your AdSense code from Google.

  9. Now, paste the AdSense code into the text field under the Ad Inserter settings. The AdSense code is plain HTML, so you don't need to select any of the special processing boxes in the top right of the field.

  10. Just below the text field, check the boxes for the pages where you want your ad to appear.

    WordPress Ad Inserter pages and options
  11. Next, use the Insertion drop down to choose where you want the ad to appear. After post will display an ad after each post on your list pages, like the home page and categories.

  12. Press Save Settings 1-16 to save your changes. As soon as you reload your blog, you'll see the new ad displayed after each post on the pages you chose.

    WordPress ad inserted after blog post