How to Add Friends on Epic Games

Play with your friends instead of strangers

Epic Games is the force behind the popular Fortnite: Battle Royale, other hit games like Gears of War, and Unreal Engine, a game engine that has powered hundreds of games from other developers. Epic also has an online store and game launcher that's similar to Steam.

If you want to play with your friends in Epic titles like Fortnite across different platforms like PC, mobile, and consoles, use the Epic Games launcher. The launcher allows you to add friends on Epic Games and play with them on the platform of your choice.

The Epic Games launcher is only available on Windows and Mac. However, adding friends on Epic Games allows you to play with them on any platform that you linked to your Epic Games account.

How to Add a Friend on Epic Games

It's easy to add a friend if you know their display name, which is the name you see when you play games together, or the email address they use with Epic Games. If you don't know their display name or email address, you'll have to find it out before using this method.

There is no way to search for friends with the Epic Games launcher, so you'll have to ask your friend for their display name before you can add them. If you enter the email that your friend used when they signed up, they'll get a friend request. If they use a different email, ask what it is before you send a friend request.

Here's how to add friends on Epic Games:

  1. Open the Epic Games launcher, and then select Friends.

    The Friends heading

    If you don't have the Epic Games launcher, install it. Go to, and select Get Epic Games. If you play a game like Fortnite on a console or mobile, the Epic Games launcher must be installed on your Windows PC or Mac to add friends to your Epic Games account.

  2. Select the Add Friend icon.

    The Add Friend icon
  3. Enter your friend's Epic Games display name or email address in the Add a Friend field, and select Send.

    The text field and Send button
  4. Your friend appears in the Outgoing section until they accept your request.

    A friend request in the Outgoing screen
  5. If your friend accepts your request, the outgoing message disappears, and you can play with them when you're online at the same time.

    A screenshot of a friend added to Epic Games.
  6. Select the Add Friend icon to add additional friends.

How to Add Friends to Epic Games From Facebook and Steam

The other way to add friends on Epic Games is to connect your Epic Games account to another service. This is a great method if you have friends on other services that also use Epic Games. It's also a good method if you aren't sure what a friend's display name or email address is because you won't spend time asking and waiting for them to respond.

The services that Epic Games allows you to connect to are Facebook and Steam. To accomplish this, you'll need your Facebook or Steam login information, and you'll need to give Epic Games permission to connect to your Facebook or Steam account.

If you have two-factor authentication activated on Facebook, you'll need access to the email you use with Facebook. If you have Steam Guard activated, you'll need access to either the Steam app on your phone or the email you use with Steam.

Here's how to add friends on Epic Games by connecting to Steam or Facebook:

  1. Open the Epic Games launcher, and then select Friends.

    The Friends heading
  2. Select the Add Friend icon.

    The Add Friend icon
  3. In the Add Services section, choose Facebook or Steam.

    The Facebook and Steam options under "Add Services"
  4. If you chose Steam, select your Steam account name to proceed.

    A Steam account

    If your Steam account isn't displayed, sign in to the Steam app on your device. Epic Games can't detect your Steam account if you aren't signed in.

  5. Enter your Steam username and password, then select Sign In.

    The Steam sign-in page

    If you have Steam Guard activated on your account, enter a code from the Steam app on your phone or wait for an email from Steam to proceed.

  6. Wait for the success message, close the browser window, and return to your friends list in the Epic Games launcher.

    A screenshot of the success screen from tying a Steam account to an Epic Games account.
  7. If you haven't verified your email with Epic Games, select Resend Verification Email, follow the instructions in the email you receive, then select I Have Verified My Email.

    The "I have verified my email" button

    You cannot proceed without verifying your email. If you don't see the verification email, check all your email folders, including spam.

  8. Choose the friends you want to add, and then select Add Friends.

    The selection box and Add Friends button

    Even if your Steam friends are playing games like Fortnite, they won't appear in this list if they didn't link their Epic Games and Steam accounts. If you don't see them in this list, ask them to link their accounts or add them as Epic Games friends using their display names.

  9. Repeat this process using the Facebook option if you have Facebook friends who use Epic Games.