How to Add Friends to Snapchat by Scanning Their Snapcodes

Codes make adding friends quick and easy

What to Know

  • Take a screenshot of a Snapcode to add a friend or take a snap of your friend's code displayed on their device or in a message or email.
  • To share your Snapcode, go to your profile, tap your Snapcode to make it larger, and get some sharing options.
  • You can add a Bitmoji avatar. Select Create My Bitmoji in your profile and follow the directions to make one.

Snapchat QR codes—known as Snapcodes—let you add new friends easily and quickly without searching for their usernames manually. This article explains how to add people to your friend list by scanning their Snapcodes.

How to Add Friends Using Snapcodes

You can use Snapcodes to add friends in several ways:

  • Scan the Snapcode in the Snapchat app to add the associated friend.
  • Take a snap of your friend's Snapcode as it's displayed on their device.
  • Take a snap of your friend's Snapcode in a message or email they sent you that contains it.

A little tab appears at the top of the screen to confirm your friend was added.

A Snapchat user adds a friend using their Snapcode.

To take a screenshot, simultaneously press the power and home buttons (on an iPhone) or the power and volume buttons (Android). Your device might make a shutter sound and the screen may flash, signaling the screenshot was taken successfully. It's automatically saved to your camera roll, screenshot folder, or whatever other default photo folder you have.

How to Share Your Snapcode With a Friend

Likewise, your friends can add you to their Snapchats using your Snapcode. Here's how to find and share your code.

  1. Tap your profile icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. You should see your Snapcode here along with other profile information. Select it to open it up and make it larger.

  3. Your friend can then take a snap of your code to add you to their Snapchat friend list.

    A Snapchat user navigates to their personal Snapcode.

Bonus Tip: Create a Bitmoji

If you've never accessed your profile or Snapcode before, you might notice an option to create a Bitmoji avatar. Here's how to make one.

  1. Select Create My Bitmoji.

  2. Select Male or Female.

  3. Keep your face centered in the circle until the app generates a few Bitmojis for you based on your appearance. (Or don't. It works fine with an off-center face too.) Choose the one you like best and select Continue.

    A Snapchat user creates a Bitmoji avatar.
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