How to Add Friends to Snapchat by Scanning Their Snapcodes

Snapchat has been a huge hit with the younger crowd, and new features are being added to the ephemeral messaging app all the time. Snapcodes are a newer addition that allows users to easily add new friends without having to search for their username manually.

Get Started with Using Snapcodes to Add Snapchat Friends


Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

A Snapcode is basically a QR code. You know, those weird looking black and white boxes you've seen on product packaging, advertisements, magazines and all sorts of other things, which were particularly popular with BlackBerry device users a few years ago.

Every Snapchat user has a unique code that they can let friends scan or take a screenshot of and then publish to their social networks or send via text to make it easier for their friends to add them. Snapchat is more of a private social app compared to others like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook, so having this extra little feature to help connect with friends goes a long way.

It's also an incredibly useful option for celebrities, brands, media outlets and other high profile users that want to connect with their audiences. All they have to do is share a screenshot of their code.

I'll show you where you can find your own Snapcode in Snapchat and how to add friends when they share theirs. Click through the following slides to see how it's done!

Access Your Snapcode by Tapping the Ghost Icon from the Camera Tab

Screenshot of Snapchat for iOS

On Snapchat, there are four main tabs you swipe left and right through to navigate the app. There's your Snapchat contacts tab, the camera tab, the Stories tab, and the Discover tab.

You can find your Snapcode by first navigating to the camera tab, where you should see a little ghost icon in the top center of the screen.

Tap the ghost icon to see a new tab dropdown with your Snapcode and a few other options.

Add an Optional Animated Selfie to Your Snapcode

Screenshot of Snapchat for iOS

If you've never accessed your Snapcode before, you'll probably notice a little note beneath it telling you that you can add an animated selfie to personalize it. Simply tap the ghost to pull up the camera, and tap the camera button at the bottom so Snapchat can automatically take five selfies of you to create your animated selfie.

Your animated selfie will be used to fill the center area of the ghost in your Snapcode. Of course, if you'd rather not add a selfie, you can just leave it blank. Your Snapcode will still work if you do.

You can take a screenshot of it so you can send it to friends. On most devices, the standard way to take a screenshot is by simultaneously pressing down on the power button and home button (on iPhone) or by simultaneously pressing down pressing the power button and volume button (Android).

Your device will most likely make a photo snap sound and your screen may flash, giving you the signal that the screenshot was taken successfully. It will automatically be saved to your camera roll, screenshot folder or any other default photo folder you may have.

Take a Snap of a Friend's Snapcode Directly Through the App to Add Them

Screenshot of Snapchat for iOS

If you have access to a friend's Snapcode displayed on their device or as a screenshot on a computer, then you can simply point your own device to it through Snapchat's camera tab (as if you were going to take a new snap), and then tap the screen to instantly add them.

It's as simple as that! A little tab will appear at the top to confirm that your friend was successfully added.

Use a Screenshot Photo of a Friend's Snapcode to Add Them

Screenshot of Snapchat for iOS

Alternatively, a friend might send you a photo of their Snapcode to you by email, text or social media. In this case, you have the option to save it to your device and scan the code this way as opposed to pointing your camera to another device or computer screen and adding them by taking a snap of it.

Once you've saved their photo to your device from whichever app it was sent to your from, you can head back into Snapchat, tap the ghost icon from the camera tab, and then tap "Add Friends."

A few friend-adding options will appear, but the one you want to tap is the one that says "Add by Snapcode." Snapchat will then pull up a grid of your most recently taken photos, which you can use to find and choose the Snapcode photo you want.

Simply tap the photo of the Snapcode, and the app will instantly scan it. Once scanning is done, a little ghost photo should appear in its place to tell you that you just successfully added a new friend.