How to Add Friends to Snapchat by Scanning Their Snapcodes

Codes make adding friends quick and easy

Snapchat's QR codes—known as Snapcodes—allow users to add new friends easily and quickly without having to search for their usernames manually.

QR codes are those small, strange black and white boxes printed on product packaging, advertisements, magazines, and other consumer items.

Each Snapchat account has a Snapcode. You can use yours to add friends by publishing it on social networks, sending it via text, or letting friends scan or take a screenshot of it. Snapchat is more private than other social apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so this extra feature goes a long way to help you connect with friends.

Snapcodes are also useful for celebrities, brands, media outlets, and the like. These high-profile accounts can simply share screenshots of their codes to broaden their audiences.

Adding Friends Using Snapcodes

You can use Snapcodes to add friends in several ways:

  • Take a screenshot of a Snapcode in the Snapchat app to add the associated friend.
  • Take a snap of your friend's Snapcode as it's displayed on their device.
  • Take a snap of your friend's Snapcode in a message or email they've sent you that contains it.
Camera Roll on Snapchat for iOS

A little tab will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that your friend has been added.

Sharing Your Snapcode With a Friend

Likewise, your friends can add you to their Snapchats using your Snapcode. Here's how to find and share your code.

  1. Navigate to the camera tab, where you should see a little ghost icon in the top center of the screen.

    The ghost icon on iOS camera screen
  2. Tap the ghost icon to see a new tab dropdown with your Snapcode and a few other options. To share it, take a screenshot of it and send it to the friend who wants to add you.

    To take a screenshot, simultaneously press the power and home buttons (on an iPhone) or the power and volume buttons (Android). Your device will most likely make a photo snap sound and your screen may flash, signaling that the screenshot was taken successfully. It will automatically be saved to your camera roll, screenshot folder, or whatever other default photo folder you have.

    Adding a friend in Snapchat for iOS
  3. Your friend can then take a snap of your code to add you to their Snapchat friend list.

Bonus Tip: Adding an Animated Selfie

If you've never accessed your Snapcode before, you'll probably notice a little note beneath it telling you that you can add an animated selfie to personalize it. Simply tap the ghost to pull up the camera, and tap the camera button at the bottom so Snapchat can automatically take five selfies of you to create your animated selfie. Your animated selfie will fill the center area of the ghost in your Snapcode.

Selfie screen on Snapchat for iOS

If you'd rather not add a selfie, you can just leave it blank; your Snapcode will still work.

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