How to Add Favorites to Google News

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What to Know

  • On a desktop: Using the Google News search box, find the topic, location, or source you want. Click Follow.
  • Mobile users: In the app, tap Following then select the plus button. Tap the star next to the item you want.

This article explains how to add your favorite sources or topics to Google News so you always have them.

How to Add Favorites From the Website

As you use Google News, the "For you" section learns what you like automatically. But if it's not showing stories you're interested in, you can personalize the feed yourself by adding additional news sources manually.

After creating favorites, you'll start to see more news based around your interests and can even browse only those stories if you so choose.

  1. Open Google News and use the search bar at the top to find the topic, location, or source you want to add as a favorite. Select it from the pop-down results once you find it.

    Google News search suggestion.
  2. Select Follow off to the right of the results.

    Google News follow button.
  3. You're done! You'll start seeing those stories as you use Google News.

Add Favorites From the Mobile App

Setting up favorites in the Google News mobile app involves an extra step.

In the Google News app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Following tab at the bottom.

  2. Select the plus button.

    If you're using the iPad app, use the plus button in the Sources section.

  3. Search for whatever you want to favorite.

  4. Tap the star next to the news source.

    Google News app for Android following a new source.

Don't Have the App? Get It Now

You can read Google News without the app but you can't really save and manage your news very well without it. The app is free.

How to Browse Recent News

When you add a favorite, all those stories will be mixed in with other topics you're following. But if you want to see just the most recent news from that item, you need to select it from your library.

  1. Open the Following section from the left side of Google News. If you don't see it, select the three-lined menu at the top left.

  2. Choose one of the items from your library. You can now scroll through the list of stories, ordered by date.

    Google News Library
  3. If you're using the mobile app, find the favorite in the Following tab and select it. If you tap the menu next to the star, you can do things like share it and make a home screen shortcut.

    Google News Android app showing recent news.

How to Get Google News Through Your RSS Reader

Google News is great, but if you're not a huge fan of the website or app but you still want to read news catalogued by Google, you do have another option: make an RSS feed.

Doing this lets you receive news through an RSS reader. If you already get other news this way, then it's a no-brainer to convert Google News stories to an RSS feed.

You can read all about how to do this in our RSS guide.

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