How to Add Emotes to Twitch

Everything you need to know about making and uploading Twitch emotes

What to Know

  • Creator Dashboard > Viewer Rewards > Emotes > + > upload icon > Select file > enter a code > Upload
  • The automatic uploader handle 4096x4096px and 1MB in size, or resize emotes to 112x112px, 56x56px and 28x28px.
  • Only Affiliates and Partners can add emotes.

This article explains how to add emotes to Twitch, including how to make and upload your own emotes to your Twitch channel.

How Do You Add Emotes on Twitch?

Twitch has some great emotes you can use in chat all over the platform, but creators are also able to add their own emotes. Emotes are added to Twitch through the Creator Dashboard, and they’re available to both Twitch Affiliates and Partners. If you just have a basic Twitch account, then you’ll need to level up to Affiliate or Partner status before you can add emotes.

Twitch emotes need to be square, between 112x112px and 4096x4096px, and they can’t be larger than 1MB. Use an image editing app to crop and resize your emotes before you upload them.

If your account is enabled to add emotes on Twitch, here’s how to do it:

  1. Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the Twitch website, and select Creator Dashboard.

    Your avatar highlighted on Twitch's site.
  2. Click Viewer Rewards.

    Viewer Rewards highlighted in the Twitch Creator Dashboard.
  3. Click Emotes.

    Emotes highlighted in Viewer Rewards in the Twitch Creator Dashboard.
  4. Click + under Tier 1.

    The + rectangle highlighted in the Tier 1 emote section.

    Emotes added to Tier 2 and 3 are only available to viewers who subscribe at those levels, and you may also have access to Bit emotes and animated emotes depending on your progress as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

  5. Click the upload icon (arrow pointing up inside gray box outline).

    The upload icon (purple arrow in gray box outline) highlighted in Twitch emote uploads.
  6. Select an emote file from your computer, and click Open.

    Open highlighted in Twitch emote uploads.
  7. If you’re happy with the way the emote looks, type a code for the emote into the emote code field, and click Upload.

    Upload highlighted in Twitch emote uploads.

    If you aren’t happy with the way your emote looks, click the Auto-resize tab, use an image editing program to create 112x112px, 56x56px and 28x28px versions of your emote, and upload each one individually.

  8. Repeat this process to add additional emotes.

    You can only add a limited number of emotes, but Affiliates and Partners get the ability to add more emotes as they hit milestones like adding new subscribers and streaming to more viewers.

When Can You Add Emotes on Twitch?

You get the ability to add emotes on Twitch as soon as you are accepted into the Affiliate program. Once you have Affiliate status, you can upload a limited number of emotes for tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 subscribers. Affiliates also gain the ability to add bit tier emotes, but only after a viewer cheers a specific quantity of bits.

When you hit Partner status, you gain the ability to add emote modifiers to tier 2 and tier 3 emotes. You also get the ability to add cheermotes. Partners typically have the ability to add a lot more emotes than Affiliates as well, because Twitch increases the number of emotes you’re allowed to add over time as you hit milestones.

Can You Add Twitch Emotes Without Being an Affiliate or Partner?

The only way to add emotes to Twitch is to be an Affiliate or Partner. As a viewer, subscribing to your favorite streamers gets you access to their emotes, which you can use in their chat and the chats of other streamers. You also get access to a special set of emotes if you subscribe to Twitch Turbo.

The other way to gain access to new emotes on Twitch is to use the Better Twitch TV browser plugin. If you’ve ever seen Twitch users type strange things like catJAM, PepeHands, or OMEGALUL in chat, those messages are being sent by users of the BTTV plugin. For example, instead of seeing catJAM in chat, users of the BTTV plugin see an animated emote of a cat. 

Here’s how to access BTTV emotes:

  1. Navigate to BetterTTV's site's.

  2. Click Download for (Browser)

    Download for Edge (or other browser) highlighted on

    BTTV is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

  3. Click Get.

    Get highlighted in the Edge add-ons store.

    Depending on your browser, you may see a button like Add or Install.

  4. If prompted, allow the browser to install the extension.

    Add extension highlighted in Edge.
  5. Navigate to Twitch's site, click your avatar, and click BetterTTV Settings.

    BetterTTV Settings highlighted in the Twitch user drop down menu.
  6. Scroll down, and make sure the boxes are checked next to the emotes you want to use.

    The check boxes highlighted in the Emotes section of BTTV Settings.
  7. You’ll now be able to use and see BTTV emotes in Twitch chat.

  • How long does it take Twitch to approve emotes?

    When you add emotes on Twitch, they are held in a moderation queue for manual review. If they pass manual review, they will typically be available within two days. Some Partners and Affiliates who have remained in good standing without violating Twitch’s community guidelines are able to skip this queue, but don’t be surprised if your emotes don’t appear right away.

  • How do I add Twitch emotes to Discord?

    First, open Discord and go to Settings > Connections tab > Twitch to sync your Discord and Twitch accounts. Then, go to your Discord channel and click the name > Server Settings > Integrations > Connect. Finally, in the Server Settings section, turn on Use External Emojis. This process will also sync your Twitch channel roles, so admin statuses should carry over.

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