How to Add a Degree Symbol in Word

The keyboard, the Ribbon, and the Character Map are your sources for symbols

What to Know

  • Keyboard: Alt + 0176 on your numpad.
  • Ribbon: Insert > Symbol > More Symbols. Then select the degree symbol from the list.
  • Open Character Map: Check Advanced View if not selected. Search for “degree” then copy and paste.

This article explains how to add the degree symbol in Microsoft Word using a keyboard shortcut, Word’s Insert tool, and the Character Map built into Windows.

How to Type a Degree Symbol in Word

The degree symbol is not on most keyboards by default, so you have to do a little work to get it when you need it. There are three ways to get the degree symbol without adding any software to your system.

Add a Degree Symbol Using a Keyboard Shortcut

The quickest way to add a degree symbol to your Microsoft Word document is through a keyboard shortcut. However, to take advantage of this shortcut, you’ll need to have a keyboard with a full numpad. That means some laptops and smaller keyboards will not be able to take advantage of this entry option.

To add a degree symbol in Microsoft Word, simply place your cursor where you want the symbol and type Alt + 0176 on your numpad. The symbol should automatically appear where your cursor is, just like if you typed anything else.

Add a Degree Symbol Using the Insert Tool

If you don’t have a keyboard with a numpad, you can always add the degree symbol to a Word document via the Ribbon’s Insert Tool.

  1. Locate and select Insert in the Ribbon at the top of the Microsoft Word window and select Symbols.

    Insert on Ribbon and Symbols option highlighted
  2. Click Symbol.

  3. Select More Symbols.

    Symbol > More Symbols option in Word
  4. Select the Font of your current document in the Font drop-down.

  5. Choose Latin-1 Supplement in the Subset drop-down on the right.

    Latin-1 Supplement highlighted in the Font Subset drop-down
  6. Find and select the degree symbol in the list of symbols.

  7. Click Insert to add the degree symbol to your document.

    Degree symbol and Insert highlighted

Add the Degree Symbol to Word Using Windows’ Character Map

If you’re using a Windows computer, you can also add a degree symbol to your document by copying it directly from the Windows Character Map. While a bit more complex, it is useful as the symbol can also be pasted into other applications, not just Microsoft Word.

  1. Type Character in the Windows Search Bar and select Character Map from the results.

    Search results for Character in Windows 11
  2. Enable Advanced View at the bottom of the Character Map window if it isn’t enabled yet.

    Character Map window in Windows 11 with Advanced view enabled
  3. Type degree in the search field. and click Search or press Enter.

  4. Double-click the symbol and choose Copy.

    Degree symbol in Windows 11 character Map
  5. Return to your Word document and paste the symbol into place.

  • How do I get rid of the paragraph symbol in Word?

    If the formatting marks are showing and you don't want them to, hide them by going to File > Options > Display and uncheck them in the Always show these formatting marks on the screen section. On a Mac, go to Word > Preferences > View and uncheck everything under Show Non-Printing Characters. Alternatively on either platform, click the Show/Hide  button on the ribbon.

  • Where is the check mark symbol in Word?

    The alt code for a check mark (√) is 251. Alternatively, you can find it in the Character Map. On a Mac, press Option + V on your keyboard.

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