How to Add a Credit Card to PayPal

PayPal's Dashboard allows you to add new cards

What to Know

  • Log in to the PayPal site: Dashboard > Link a Card.
  • Fill in your information, hit Save, and you're ready to shop.

This article explains how to add a credit card to PayPal. These instructions are the same for debit cards as well as credit cards.

How to Add a Credit Card to PayPal

The good news is that adding a card to your PayPal only takes a few steps and can be done in minutes. Though, you'll need to physically have your card by your side first.

While you can add a debit card to your PayPal as well as a credit card, remember that linking a bank account is a separate process, even if your debit card pulls funds directly from a checking account, for example.

If you've got credit with PayPal you'll be able to use up your credit and then pay the rest of the balance with your credit card during checkout.

  1. Go to the Dashboard on PayPal's site.

  2. On the right-hand side of the page, under the Credit and debit cards section, click the box titled Link a card.

    Link a card in the PayPal Dashboard


  3. Fill in your card number, expiration date, security code, and address on the form.

    Make sure to get your address right, or your card will be declined during checkout. Billing addresses aren't always the same as shipping addresses, so make sure you know which address is tied to your card.

  4. Click Save, and you're ready to start making purchases on PayPal with your credit card.

    Save under card info on PayPal


    And don't worry about losing out on reward points, miles, or cashback rewards, either, as you'll be able to get those from directly within PayPal.

  5. If you'd like to remove a card from PayPal, simply return to the same page, click Edit, and then click Remove Card. Afterwards, it will no longer be tied to your account.

Tips and Tricks for Adding Credit Cards to PayPal

You can still transfer funds to your PayPal (from a linked bank account, that is) and use those funds in conjunction with or instead of a credit card.

Also, be sure to remember that using a debit card to make a purchase on PayPal is different than linking the same checking account your debit card is attached to, though you can use both to pay.

Once you've linked a card to PayPal, you'll be ready to start buying, but you won't be doing that directly on PayPal. So, you might want to consider linking your PayPal account to a service like eBay to start making use of it.

  • Why can't I add a credit card to my PayPal account?

    If you can't add a credit card to PayPal, it could already be linked to another PayPal account, or you may have entered the wrong billing address.

  • How do I add money to PayPal without a bank account?

    You can add money to PayPal without a bank account at select retail stores (7-Eleven, CVS, Walmart, etc.). When you add money to PayPal with cash, it comes with a fee.

  • What is PayPal Credit?

    PayPal Credit is a line of credit issued by Synchrony Bank. PayPal Credit is accepted wherever PayPal is accepted.

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