Add Contacts: Microsoft Office Outlook Add-On

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Add Contacts automatically builds your Outlook address book by adding new recipients of your emails or replies to a Contacts folder of your choice. You cannot use different address books for different email accounts, though.


  • Add Contacts automatically adds recipients of your emails or replies to your Contacts
  • You can also scan sent mail for new contacts manually with Add Contacts
  • Add Contacts can guess names from the email body and auto-assigns categories


  • Add Contacts cannot use different contact folders for different email accounts
  • You cannot scan arbitrary folders for new contacts with Add Contacts


  • Add Contacts automatically adds new contacts to your Outlook address book.
  • New addresses can be retrieved from replies or from all messages you send.
  • In addition, Add Contacts lets you scan sent mail for new contacts.
  • Add Contacts derives the name of contacts from the To: or Cc: line, or it scans the message body.
  • You can have Add Contacts automatically assign the message's category to the new contact.
  • The Contacts folder used by Add Contacts for new addresses can be chosen freely.
  • Add Contacts supports Windows 98/2000/3/XP/Vista and Outlook 2000/2/3/7.

How Add Contacts Can Work for You

If you grew up with Outlook 2000, chances are you grew accustomed to a feature that allowed you to build your address book automatically by adding new people you sent a reply to. In later versions of Outlook, this feature is no more. With the Add Contacts add-on, it returns, however, and in better shape than ever.

Add Contacts not only adds recipients of replies automatically, you can also have it collect addresses from new messages you write. If the name of a contact cannot be derived from the To: or Cc: line, Add Contacts looks in the message body for something like "Dear John" to give the anonymous address a name. If you have chosen a category for the message or reply, Add Contacts can assign the same Outlook category to the contact, too.

While you can choose the Contacts folder to use for new addresses, Add Contacts does not allow the automatic use of multiple folders -- one for each email account, for example. In addition to retrieving new contacts from messages as you send them, Add Contacts can also go through your sent mail on demand and collect new addresses. Unfortunately, it is not possible to scan arbitrary folders this way, though.